Attractive Body Language

Body language hints at the attitude or state of mind of a person. Having a good body language will make you look more confidant and attractive.

Attractive Body Language Tips:

Body language

1. Avoid jerky actions: Keep your movements and actions in control. Controlled actions are closely associated with confidence, so take your time in everything you do. Jerky movements will make you look nervous.
2. Lean back: If you want to remain in control of the situation then just lean back, but not too much, and talk.
3. Look in the eye: Confidant persons look others in the eyes when they are talking. Looking away from someone you are talking to does not look good. It gives an impression of ‘I just don’t care’. Have eye contact but just don’t stare.
4. Maintain a good posture: No matter if you are standing, sitting or walking always keep your posture correct. Keep your back straight and shoulders a little backward.

Body language

5. Open up: Stand with your legs slightly apart and your arms at your sides (not crossed). By doing so you will appear more relaxed. You should also directly face the person you are talking to.
6. Nodding helps: Nodding your head in the conversation gives an impression of being heard. The person who is speaking feels that whatever he is saying is interesting, and that he has your complete attention.
7. Learn to smile: Power of smile cannot be ruled back. Smiling demonstrates confidence, friendliness, and a positive attitude. People who smile tend to attract more attention than those who don’t.
8. Mark your space: It’s a good practice neither to stand too close nor too far while talking with people, particularly strangers.
9. Shake hands: Always shake hands firmly. Squeezing someone’s hand too hard or holding the hand limply must be avoided. It may cause them to develop negative feeling towards you.

Body language
10. Don’t cross your arms or legs: This position will make you look defensive or guarded. Keep your arms and legs open while you are talking to others.
11. Avoid touching your face: Do not touch your face as it might make you look nervous, anxious and worried. It can be distracting for the people you are talking to.
12. Use your hands: Don’t wave around uselessly, use your hands with some control. Also, do not use too much hand movements while talking as it will distract the people listening to you.

Hope these tips will help you.

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9 thoughts on “Attractive Body Language

  1. This is great article! Keep it up Era!

    Some things are learnt by obeserving, some things are learnt and practised when you know it works!

    And Smiling and saying postive things always truimphs!

    Even if you are nervous, try to appear confident…..your body language says lot about you as a personality…..

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