Audrey’s Cotton Makeup Removal Pads Review

Audrey’s Cotton Makeup Removal Pads Review

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After reading Rati’s post on the hygiene and need for cosmetic cotton pads for removal of makeup, how could I deliberately succumb my delicate and sensitive skin to the harshness of medicated cotton and the post came at just the right time when I had to attend an out-of-town wedding and this is one occasion when one simply cannot do without makeup. I am sure everyone would agree with me on this 😉

Audrey's Cotton Makeup Removal Pads Review

Since there was little time on hands, I rushed out and got the only available variety at my nearest departmental store. These were cotton makeup removal pads from Audrey’s and priced at Rs. 275 for a pack of 100 cotton rounds.

Product Being Reviewed:

Audrey’s cotton makeup removal pads CTP100.

Product Description:

These 100% cotton pads remove makeup quickly without any mess and are extremely hygienic. Being soft to touch and non-sensitive to skin they are perfect for removing your makeup.

Directions For Use:

  • Simply add cleansing lotion or any other makeup remover onto the pads.
  • Now, wipe away makeup from your face and neck in gentle, circular movements.
  • Dispose after use.

My Experience with Audrey’s Cotton Makeup Removal Pads:

These cotton rounds come in a small square box with a flower-shaped window through which we can see that the box is divided into four sections, each containing 25 pieces of cotton rounds. The cotton rounds are textured on both sides with a flower emboss, hence you do not need to check upon the side to be used. The box has a similar flower-shaped design at the rear end to be removed as an opening.

Cotton Pads

Though these rounds appear to be very thin, they have great absorption capacity and are very soft and gentle on the skin. Just as directed, I apply the cleansing milk or eye makeup remover onto the pads and use them to wipe away the makeup.

Makeup remover pads

What I really love about these makeup removal rounds is that even after removing loads of stuff, it doesn’t sink onto the other side making it very wet and difficult to hold. They are strong enough to be used from both sides when you need to remove only bits of makeup.

Cotton Pad for removing makeup

Pros of Audrey’s Cotton Makeup Removal Pads:

  • Comes in a small box, ideal for storing and this packaging helps to retain the round shape.
  • Textured on both sides.
  • Made of 100% cotton.
  • Very soft and gentle on the skin.
  • Great absorption capacity.

Cons of Audrey’s Cotton Makeup Removal Pads:

  • The price is a little high as compared to other brands who offer similar quality at a better price.
  • Once after opening from the provided perforation, you need to transfer the contents to another container in order to avoid accumulation of dust particles.
  • The edges are a little sharp, so one needs to be careful while using the pads.

The product is good but the price is very high and could be a little better. I am definitely not re-purchasing after I finish these. Will look for similar products in other brands.

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