Audrey’s Lip Filler Brush Review

Audrey’s Lip Filler Brush

Hey girls, pick of the day is a lip filler brush from Audrey’s.
Audrey’s claims that there’s nothing better than applying makeup with the right brush. Audrey’s lip filler brush is uniquely designed to provide you beautiful, flawless application. The bristles are made with Taklon which has microscopic pock marks that resemble natural hair. Main Features of the brush:

• No animal hair
• Skin friendly
• Smooth application
• Anti bacterial

Audrey Lip Filler Brush


Rs. 55

Audrey Lip Filler Brush (2)

My experience with Audrey’s Lip Filler Brush:

During one of my online shopping spree, I came across this lip filler brush. And like always, I had to pick something to reach the free shipping mark. So I just added this brush to my basket and frankly I was not expecting it to be a big hit at such a price. But, girls I am admitting here that I was wrong. This has been a super hit brush for me. I have been using it a lot for my Inglot refills especially. It works just awesome. It’s a normal looking black colored brush with a plastic cover for the upper part that keeps the bristles safe. It a light weight brush and the size and thickness of the brush is just right for easy and smooth application of lipstick. The bristles are soft, thick and tightly packed, which means it picks the right amount of product and saves time as you don’t have to pick again and again. The tip of the bristles helps in outlining of the lips as well. Even the corners can be done nicely. This helps in keeping the lipstick intact for a longer time and does not give a patchy application. Overall, I am pleased and glad for my random pick.

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Yays for Audrey’s Lip Filler Brush:

• Helps in giving a smooth and neat application of lipstick.
• Soft and easy to clean bristles.
• Shape of the bristles helps in outlining of the lips as well as the filling.
• There is no shedding while washing.
• Easy to maintain.
• Very convenient shape and size for perfect application.
• Classic black and golden color.
• Travel friendly.
• Comes with a plastic cover to save the bristles.
• Pocket friendly.

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Nays for Audrey’s Lip Filler Brush:

• Not available easily.

IMBB Rating:


I am extremely happy and satisfied with the Audrey’s Lip Filler Brush and would recommend you to try it.

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6 thoughts on “Audrey’s Lip Filler Brush Review

  1. i have this brush bt i dnt like the triangle tip… wish it ws more wide.. bt nevertheless its a nice brush.. good review dear *clap* *clap*

  2. sounds great shilpi.. *clap* it can be a decent gift item for frnds and relatives naa.. *happydance* *happydance*

    1. OMG Neetu, it seems you are shopping too much for relatives and friends these days… *powder* *powder* *powder* *happy dance*

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