Audrey’s Nail Buffer 2NB2 Review

Audrey’s Nail Buffer 2NB2

Hello gorgeous ladies,

Today my pick is a tool related to the nails. I totally love my nails and even if one of them chips, I literally start crying because my nails take 2 weeks to grow up a centimetre but even that’s like super-fast. I get everything that is about nails and their maintenance. I did not have a buffer with me and I spotted it online so thought of buying it. The other ones were sad in colour and were quite plain; this was the only one which was colourful so finally this was in the cart. Read further to know more about this product.

Audrey’s Nail Buffer 2NB2
Price: Rs. 125 for a set of two

What the company claims about the audrey’s nail buffer 2NB2?

Quick and Super shiner.It gives instant shine to natural or artificial nails. Works in 2 steps: the coloured buff smoothes the nail to a matte surface and the white finishing part gives the nails a glossy shine. Comes in a pack of two.

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My take on Audrey’s nail buffer 2NB2:

I had tried buffers back then but I owned none of them and I pretty much loved how they worked, so I decided to pick one. These buffers come in a long plastic packet with audrey’s written all over and inside are the two buffers. There is an advantage as they can be easily carried along or even kept safely in the cupboard. If there was no packet then the buffers may get ruined due to dirt. As I said there are 2 buffers; one is a combination of neon orange and neon pink and the other one is a combination of baby blue and baby pink. They are made up of high-density PU foam material and obviously I don’t know what it is but you know those small smiley balls, the yellow ones, it is the same material. These are palm-sized buffers and are pretty easy to carry even when you do not have the packet over it. When we do not clean our nails regularly, a dull coat it started to form on our nails and also when one nail-polish is kept for more than 10 days, a yellow layer is formed and the nails look really bad. These buffers are to be rubbed up on the nail surface and all the small granules of the bad nail surface start coming out. The feeling you get when you rub the buffer on your nails is a little irritating but we can manage. The above dull layer comes out in a minute and you can actually see that you nails are shining and you will be able to compare the before and after scenario. If yellowness is there on your nails than it will be completely gone. A little shine is always observed but then you turn the buffer and rub the white surface on your nails to give a finishing and you are done. Before applying any new polish I buff my nails to get a smooth layer and it also becomes easy to apply the nail polish. I think all of you should add such kinds of tools to your nail care routine and in short I can say, like you exfoliate to remove r buff away dead cells from your skin; similarly this can be sued to buff away the dead cells from your nails.

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Pros of Audrey’s Nail Buffer 2NB2:

-Available on all online stores
-Attractive looking buffers with cute colours
-A packet along with them which would prevent the buffers from getting dirty
-Two sided to buffer and to give a glossy shine
-Easy to buff the nails just rub it vertically and you are done
-The dead layer or the dull layer of the nails come out and a fresh layer is revealed
-If you have yellow nails it becomes easy to remove the yellow stains just with the help of this buffer
-Easy for nail-polish application as a smooth and even nail is present
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Cons of Audrey’s Nail Buffer 2NB2:

-The feeling you get while buffing the nails is a little irritating.

Will I repurchase/recommend audrey’s nail buffer 2NB2?

These two will go a long time as I am currently using just the orange one so still one more to go and yes I will recommend these as they do the job perfectly that they are designed for and this should be made a part of the nail care routine.

IMBB Rating: 4/5

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