Audrey’s Pancake Makeup Brush

Audrey’s Pancake Makeup Brush

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Today I’ll review for you a brush that I bought just so I would not have to pay shipping charges. But I did end up paying it. But that’s a long story. For now, let’s just get on with how Audrey’s Pancake Makeup Brush fared.

Name of the Product:

Audrey’s Pancake Makeup Brush (Model No: MUB-15)



Product Description and Claims:

There is nothing better than applying makeup with the right brush. Each of our brushes is uniquely designed to provide you beautiful, flawless coverage.
Audrey's Pancake Brush
Made of:
The bristles of Audrey’s brushes are made with Taklon which has microscopic pock marks that resemble natural hair.

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My Experience with Audrey’s Pancake Makeup Brush:

The Audrey’s Pancake Makeup Brush with a huge pink leaflet, packed in a transparent, plastic container, which I’ve long since thrown away. The brush is very sturdy, with a black, wooden handle which is attached to the bristles with a metal casing. The brush is about 16 cm in length (bristles included) and the bristles are about 2 cm in length and 1cm in breadth. The bristles are very tightly packed into flattened mouth of the metal casing, through the other end of which the wooden handle is attached. The bristles are made of Taklon, which, I’ll admit I have no idea of what it is. Whatever it is, it’s not some poor animal whose furs I am using, so that definitely a plus point. The bristles are very soft, you could use it to powder a baby’s bottom. I wash it each time I use it but the frequency of the washed hasn’t hardened it at all. Also, it does not shed, either during washing or during usage. The first time I used it, was to apply my Maybelline BB Stick. That was the only thing closest to a pancake makeup that I owned. The finish was so much better than when I applied it using my fingers. When I use my fingers, I tend to overdo things. I sheer out the makeup so much that it is barely there. But, with the brush, not only did I get a dewy finish but also a bit of coverage.
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Then, I decide to use it to conceal using my Lakme Absolute concealer. It did the job as perfectly as my concealer brush does. Then one day I decided to try applying foundation using this brush. The application was smooth, with no resulting patchiness or streakiness on the skin. The only negative point was that it took more time than I would normally devote to applying foundation. I’m used to a bit larger brush but I think I’ll get used to it. My sister used it once for applying eye makeup. I don’t understand the nuances of eye makeup, so, won’t be able to elaborate, but I think she liked whatever function it was supposed to perform. Sorry for being this vague but I dummy as far as eye makeup is concerned and my sister won’t explain it to me. Sob. Sob. Summing it up, it’s a very functional brush, multi-tasking and inexpensive.
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Pros of Audrey’s Pancake Makeup Brush:

• Inexpensive.
• Soft bristles.
• No animal hair.
• Anti-bacterial.
• Smooth on skin.
• No shedding of bristles after washing.
• A Multi-tasking brush, I’ve used it to apply foundation, concealer, eye shadow, you name it.
• Easily available.
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Cons of Audrey’s Pancake Makeup Brush:

None that I can think of.

IMBB Rating:


Will I Recommend Audrey’s Pancake Makeup Brush?

Definitely, go ahead, get it, you won’t regret it. And the best part is, you won’t regret it even if you don’t find the brush to your liking, it’s so cheap.

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