Audrey’s Powder Brush: Review

Audrey’s Powder Brush: Review

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Today, I am going to talk about one of the makeup brushes that I had procured online a few months back. It’s the powder brush from Audrey’s. I got this because I wanted a good powder brush for applying loose powder as the sponge is no good and Rati had suggested using a powder brush instead and hence forth the search began. Thank you, Rati for the suggestion. I had purchased this brush because they are skin friendly, provide a smooth application, do not contain animal hair and are anti-bacterial.
audrey's powder brush

Price :

Rs. 295

Product description:
audrey's powder brush 2

Audrey’s Powder Brushes are the best tools for creating a smooth finished look and help to even out the tone, correct blemishes and improve the look and feel of your skin. Available in 2 sizes-normal and large, the bristles of the brushes have an ideal shape and texture for all over application of loose powder. The perfectly sculpted brush head allows for a more precise application to individual areas and provides maximum coverage with a minimal amount of loose powder.
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Packaging and Structure:

The brush is about 6.5 inches long and can easily be accommodated in any bag or case. The bristles are thick with a black color wooden end that makes it attractive. The brush came in a transparent case that also contained a leaflet that provides an insight into the various types of brushes the brand caters to along with their “Descriptions, Why to use, When to use and How to use”, for each brush type. For a novice or a beginner, all this information is very useful and also helps in deciding the type of brush to purchase as per the need. The brush also comes along with a transparent guard that helps contain the bristles and prevent them from catching dust and going haywire.
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My experience with Audrey’s Powder Brush MUB-13:

This is the smaller of the two sizes available and I am simply in love with it. The bristles are very soft and pick up just the right amount of powder requires. Although, the bristles are made up of synthetic hair but not once have I felt they are unnatural. The brush glides effortlessly over my face and provides an even finish. The wooden end enables comfort grip and doesn’t slip out of your hands easily. Initially, a few hair were lost but after that I haven’t lost a single hair though I have washed it a couple of times and the wooden hand hasn’t lost its color either.

The usage instructions as per the leaflet provided:

1. Pour a little loose powder into lid of container to avoid wastage. Dip the brush into the powder and swirl. Do not press hard or gunk up your brush with tons of powder. Tap the brush to shake off the excess.
2. Brush powder onto face using light pressure in downward strokes so as not to lift the fine hairs on your face because under certain light, these facial hairs will be more prominent. Use the larger flat side of the brush to apply powder to larger areas. Turn the brush and use the narrower edge to work on individual areas.
3. Start from the nose and continue the application by brushing the powder over the cheeks, then downward to the jaw line and chin area.
4. Reapply face powder to the brush and apply in the same manner to the other side of the face. Then proceed to the forehead with upward brush strokes.
5. Apply a small amount of powder to the neck area to create a natural, finished look. Don’t forget this step or your face may end up looking like its’ a shade different than your neck.
6. Check your face in natural sunlight before you head out of the door. Wipe the powder brush with a clean tissue and use it to even out areas where the powder is uneven or thick.

Brush Care:

Audrey’s brush should be washed frequently with a mild anti-bacterial soap. Massage a small amount of soap through the brush hair and rinse with warm water until completely clean. Reshape brush with fingers and air dry.

Overall verdict:

This is a great powder brush for all those who prefer loose powder to pressed one and does not dig a huge hole in your pocket. I find it to be absolutely value for money and shall be purchasing others too from their range. The instruction leaflet is a great idea and a valuable asset for all makeup lovers but needs to be handled with care.

I haven’t tried using it as a blusher brush because though both the brushes look pretty similar I am not too sure. I shall really be grateful if you all can help me through this dilemma via the comments section below.

IMBB rating:


I could not find any cons with this brush and have listed almost all the pros above. Hope I was helpful with the usage instructions.

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13 thoughts on “Audrey’s Powder Brush: Review

  1. i had seen this brush while visiting the beauty store… it is absolutely worth a try…. 🙂 i love the instructions mentioned, most of the times we don’t even read it bt its good to know info, hai na 🙂

    1. Same here Natasha, when I had seen these at a store first I didnt purchase but later got it and is really good. Bettr than Vega and I agree sometimes we do not read instructions but they are helpful isn’t it 🙂

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