Audrey’s Wedge Sponges Review

Audrey’s Wedge Sponges Review

I first came to know about this brand through IMBB, and after that, there is no looking back. They make some amazing brushes and other tools as well. Today, I will be reviewing makeup wedges, which are quite new to me. I bought them some time back while browsing online. I always wanted to try a makeup sponge for applying my B&D cream foundation and concealer. I am so happy with these, and the application.


Product Description:

Audrey’s Wedge Sponge SW24 are made of hydrophilic polyurethane (water based biodegradable foam). Unlike other latex sponges available they are odorless, non- toxic, oil resistant and suited to all skin types. These sponges are ideal for Cleaning, Blending and Contouring. The easy to hold shape of these sponges enable even blending and quick removal of makeup around the eyes, nose and other corners. Audrey’s wedge sponges are ideal for blending liquid and cream makeup flawlessly onto the skin giving you smooth and streak – free finish. When moistened with water these sponges expand in size giving you more surface to work with.

Makeup wedge sponge 2


Rs. 125 for 24 pieces.

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It comes in a see-through plastic bag with a zipper inserted for storage purpose.

My Experience with Audrey’s Wedge Sponges:

These sponges are available in different sizes and packages; I opted for these due to its shape. The wedges are extremely soft and bouncy, and they are so convenient to use, I can throw it after a single use, or wash it and use it again. When they soak in water, they expand a bit.

Makeup wedge sponge 3

The shape is just perfect for under eyes, and around the nose.  In fact, it blends everything like a dream and gives an airbrushed look. I specifically use it with cream foundation and it blends it like a dream. I do not wear foundation on a daily basis, but under eye concealer is a must for me. I have tried applying the concealer with fingers and brush as well, but nothing can beat these, they blend the concealer without making it look cakey. They are so affordable, you get 24 wedges for Rs. 125; even if I throw it after a single use, they are worth it. I use them daily for concealing. Even after washing them, they do not flake or tear at all, and the shape and softness has remained the same.  I use 1 wedge 3-4 times with washing in between after which I throw them. The packaging says, they can be used to remove makeup as well, but I have never tried it.

Makeup wedge sponge 4

The application with this is very easy, simply damp the wedge in water, squeeze excess water and apply the foundation/concealer. The only drawback with any sponges is product wastage, but when I get such a good finish and application, I do not mind it.  Also, do not expect full coverage when using a makeup sponge, they are best for sheer to medium application. If you have acne-prone skin, then they are good for you as they are disposable. Cleaning them is very simple, I simply take some baby shampoo in my palm and lather it with little water and wash these, and they dry in 5-6 hours. After using these, I seriously do not need the much raved beauty blender.

Makeup wedge 4

Pros of Audrey’s Wedge Sponges:

  • Excellent quality and perfect shape.
  • Amazing price.
  • Easily available.
  • Can be used by all skin types.
  • Blending is flawless.
  • Great quantity.

Cons of Audrey’s Wedge Sponges:

  • None for me, I love them.

Do I Recommend Audrey’s Wedge Sponges?

I highly recommend them, do try them you will love the results and I will always purchase them especially for my cream concealer.

IMBB Rating:


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  1. I have never ever tried these makeup wedges *headbang* but now looking at soo many reviews i am surely going to try a few *happydance* *happydance*

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