Aussie Miracle Hair Spray Shine + Hold Review

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I am really into hair care products these days. The vast number of products available in this range excites as well as irritates me. My mother does not understand my craziness for such products. She says that we managed using just a shampoo, why do you need so many products for your hair? Anyway, I got this Aussie Miracle Shine + Hold Hair spray as I love styling my hair but without compromising its shine.

Aussie Miracle Hair Spray Shine + Hold

Product Description:
Shine and vibrancy!  Shine so much that they’ll shield their eyes! Aussie Miracle Hairspray Shine + Hold styling formula helps to put hair firmly in its place and gives you shine that shouts from the rooftops. So is the hold heavy-handed? No way! Long-lasting it may be, but a few strokes of the brush and your hair’s got its freedom once again.  It contains Wild Cherry Bark Extract that was believed to be a favourite for campfires in the outback, as it burns with the fragrance of blossom.

How To Use:
Fire quick, short bursts as you style, spraying about 20 cm from your hair. For maximum hold, give your whole style an even, overall covering, and – shazam! – your style is set to go.

Aussie Miracle Hair Spray Shine + Hold

£3.99 for 250 ml.

My Experience with Aussie Miracle Hair Spray Shine + Hold:

The hair spray comes in a tall, cylindrical metal bottle. It is fitted with a plastic cap that comes loose easily and is not very tight on the bottle, hence the bottle is not travel friendly. The spray comes out from a nozzle that is convenient to use.  The spray like other Aussie products has an amazing smell. The fragrance of this spray is sweet and not overpowering.

Aussie Miracle Hair Spray Shine + Hold

The spray, true to its name holds the hair well as well as adds shine to it. I have used this spray to hold different kinds of hairstyle and it did a great job. It added shine to my dull hair with styling rather than make it dull than it already was as other hair sprays do. It also held my hairstyle for a long time, almost 7-8 hours. But it doesn’t hold the hair as it is. The hair does come loose after a while, but it doesn’t lose its defined hairstyle fully.

Aussie Miracle Hair Spray Shine + Hold

The best part of using this hair spray is that it doesn’t make the hair stiff like most hair sprays do. However, the use of a lot of the product will make it stiff. It can easily be brushed out without causing any hair fall. It also did not weigh down my hair. It also does not have any side effects.

Aussie Miracle Hair Spray Shine + Hold

Pros of Aussie Miracle Hair Spray Shine + Hold:

  • Easy to use and spray.
  • Amazing smell.
  • Adds shine to hair.
  • Holds hair for almost 7-8 hours.
  • Does not weigh down hair.
  • Does not cause any hair fall.
  • Can be easily brushed out.
  • Doesn’t dry my hair.
  • Doesn’t make hair very stiff and rigid.
  • Good quantity for the price.

Cons of Aussie Miracle Hair Spray Shine + Hold:

  • Availability in India.

IMBB Rating:

Would I Repurchase Aussie Miracle Hair Spray Shine + Hold?
I will not repurchase this as there are other variants from this brand that I want to try. I would recommend you to buy it if you are looking to add shine to your hair along with holding it.

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