Australis Banana Powder Review

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If you have oily skin, you know the crisis of melting foundation. I have been loving a lot of banana powders these days. Essentially, I find them like compact powders, but quite yellow. I have a loose one from Makeup Revolution, but now, I have got one in a compact form also – Australis Banana Powder.

Australis Banana Powder Review

Product Description:
The uniquely designed Banana Powder by Australis Cosmetics can be used in your normal contouring regime, or even just on its own. This beauty can be applied under your eyes, on your forehead, the bridge of your nose and your chin to highlight them and make you look like a dream. This yellow-toned powder suits almost every skin tone, and will not only banish any under eye dark circles, but it will colour correct any skin redness too! We’re pretty sure this product will be your new best friend!. Matte finishing powder. Suits every skin tone. Can be used in the contouring regime or even on its own. Not tested on animals. Vegan friendly.
Sustainable palm oil used.
INR 950

Australis Banana Powder label

My Experience with Australis Banana Powder:

This banana powder comes in a compact powder form but with no compact or mirror. This is a very matte and yellow sort of a powder. Essentially this could brighten up dull spots on the face. They recommend you use it on the forehead, nose or other areas where you would like light to hit.

Australis Banana Powder outer packaging

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You could also use this for baking purpose or for highlighting where you want to lighten some areas of the face. Secondly, this is on the lighter side, so only medium to light skin can use this. I tried using it without foundation on my uneven sort of complexion, this did not do any justice to under-eye brightening, so I would highly suggest you use it over your foundation or concealer.

Australis Banana Powder open

I would say I find it to be on the chalky side. This powder is very matte and this could cake up skin in minutes. If you have dry skin, you are better off without it. Also, I would suggest using it like a dusting powder rather than patting it on, use it like a loose dusting powder on a soft brush to quickly set, highlight or mattify the areas like bridge of the nose, middle of the forehead or cheek bones. This sets the makeup slightly and also brightens when used judiciously. I would say it stays on for 4 hours on my oily skin or may be more in winters or dry skin.

Australis Banana Powder swatch on hand

I will not say this is an ideal product to own because any mattifying or yellow powder could do this trick. Also, I find it slightly on the chalky side. This also gets some flashback in pictures.

Australis Banana Powder swatch

Pros of Australis Banana Powder:

  • This powder has yellow tone to brighten skin.
  • Sets makeup to an extent.
  • Can be used for baking.
  • Can be used to highlight lightly.
  • Good for light to medium skin.

of Australis Banana Powder:

  • Doesn’t look good on deeper skin tones.
  • Lightly dust it or else it gets cakey.
  • Not ideal for dry skin.
  • Not ideal for patting or packing it on.
  • Lasts average, nothing phenomenal.
  • No compact or mirror.
  • On the expensive side.

Would I Recommend Australis Banana Powder?
Not really because any lighter yellow-toned compact shade will do the same trick. Also, I wish the powder was more silky.
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