Avalon Organic Botanicals Therapeutic Lavender Cream Shave Review

Avalon Organic Botanicals Therapeutic Lavender Cream Shave

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My review for today is a cream shave from the brand Avalon. Avalon organic botanicals is quite famous for its SLS free shampoos, never tried them though. We all have a bad habit of shaving the underarms whenever in a hurry as we don’t really have time either to wax them at home or visit a parlour. We often tend to shave the hair directly which makes the skin very rough and dry and itchy as well at times, so here is a cream shave which will prevent all this. I ordered this one online and picked up the small one as I was trying it for the first time. So let’s see how it works.

Avalon Organic Botanicals Therapeutic Lavender Cream Shave


$9 for 44 ml

About the product:

Our Therapeutic Cream Shave blends certified organic hydrosol with lubricating emollients to soften unwanted hair and provide effortless razor glide. It is enriched with certified organic aloe vera and vitamin E for a smooth and soothing shave with lasting comfort.

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Certified organic lavender hydrosol (lavandulaofficinalis hydrosol), certified organic herbal infusion of chamomile (chamomillarecutita), echinacea (echinaceapurpurea) and green tea (camellia sinensis), certified organic aloe barbadensis, olefin sulfonate, cocamidopropylbetaine, cetyl alcohol, stearyl alcohol, vegetable glycerin, panthenol (pro-vitamin B5), d-alpha tocopherol (vitamin E), xanthan gum, methyl/propylparaben, allantoin, and pure essential oils.

Directions to use:

Rinse skin thoroughly with warm water. Apply a thin, transparent layer of cream shave over damp skin. Shave normally, rinsing razor frequently.

My experience with Avalon Organic Botanicals Therapeutic Lavender Cream Shave :

The moment I saw this cream shave with lavender I decided to pick this smallie up. There was also a bigger size available but as I was using it for the first time, I picked a smaller variant. This range has many other things like cleansing milk, cleansing gel, moisturizing cream all in lavender fragrance. It is also safe to use on bikini areas as well as it is PH balanced. It comes in a small plastic tube which is also very easy to carry while travelling for a quick razor shave you don’t really have time to wax when you are travelling. It has a black turn around cap which is very convenient as well.  Talking about the smell, but it smells pathetic. I cannot even imagine how can someone put in such a bad smell into their product. It smelled exactly like odomos mosquito repellent. I was like where the damn is lavender in this?  *shock*  It did not smell like lavender at all, not even a hint.

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I bought it all because of lavender and did not even get a hint of it. Talking about the shaving part, you need a very small amount to work up and it lathers a bit. So you have to just apply a small amount on the desired part and rub in circular motions and it lathers up a little, now it’s the time for the razor. It did not sting or anything in the underarms. Then I used the razor to remove all the unwanted hair and normally if you don’t use a cream shave, the underarms become red because if some hair do not come out then you keep on moving the razor again and again which also at times makes the underarms bleed and very rough and dry. The entire shaving process was smooth after applying this cream shave and my underarm felt really smooth and moisturized after I rinsed it off. No redness or dryness at all.

Please do not misunderstand this product, it is just the cream shave like the men use before shaving it is nothing like hair removal creams. You can use it on the hands and legs as well at times if you have to shave them. Also it has the same effects on the bikini area, it doesn’t sting or anything and makes the shaving process even easier. According to me, it is a must-have product. Either this brand or some else but such shaving creams are always supposed to be there in the kit.

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Pros of Avalon Organic Botanicals Therapeutic Lavender Cream Shave :

-Very small quantity needed for a time so nicely priced.
-Small handy tube so easy to carry while travelling.
-Larger variants available with a pump dispenser.
-Did not sting on the skin.
-Makes the razor process easier and less painful.
-It prevents dry and rough skin that you would get if you do not use a cream shave.
-Safe to use on bikini areas as well as it is pH balanced.
-No SLS.

Avalon Organic Botanicals Therapeutic Lavender Cream Shave (5)

Cons of Avalon Organic Botanicals Therapeutic Lavender Cream Shave :

-Availability might be an issue.
-No smell of lavender at all in the product.

Will I repurchase/recommend Avalon Organic Botanicals Therapeutic Lavender Cream Shave ?

Ye,s I am so going to purchase this again as now I have a habit of using this cream shave before using a razor on my underarm. It is better to use this rather than directly shaving the skin.

IMBB Rating:

4/5 (negative marking because of no lavender smell)


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    1. Yaaaaa absolutely *haan ji* *haan ji* my skin felt better after i started using this *happy dance* *happy dance*

  1. i haven’t used any shave cream yet… search fore some which are easily available. ..
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