Aveda Shampure Dry Shampoo Review, Swatch

aveda dry shampoo review

Claims :
Instantly revive your hair and senses with our dry shampoo.
non-aerosol powder mist absorbs excess oil between shampoos
calming shampure™ aroma with 25 pure flower and plant essences
99.8% naturally derived*
*From plants, non-petroleum minerals or water.

Usage : Helps extend a great blow dry, revive hair after a workout, refresh hair while traveling, and transform hair before a night out.
Tip bottle upside down. Return upright. Turn cap to expose nozzle.
Lightly squeeze bottle to puff powder at roots. (Squeeze bottle very lightly until you see how much comes out with each puff. Tip bottle as needed to increase powder flow).
Massage powder into your scalp and restyle as desired.

Hold the base of the cap firmly in place with one hand and turn the top to expose the nozzle.
Squeeze bottle very lightly until you see how much comes out with each puff.
Make sure to turn the cap closed when you’re finished to avoid spills
Price :USD 30

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My Experience with Aveda Shampure Dry Shampoo
I absolutely love a good dry shampoo. Call me a lazy bum or someone who does not like to shampoo her hair everyday, I find dry shampoos a great blessing in life. Aveda Dry Shampure Shampoo is one of the two products I picked up from Dubai Airport.
Aveda Shampure Dry shampoo comes in this pale white and green squeezy bottle. The top has a twist cap so you can twist it open or close for your usage. You tilt the bottle down, squeeze a bit on the roots of you scalp and work the product in.
This dry shampoo is just like your talcum or baby powder. The main ingredient is corn starch and it is 98% made up of natural ingredients. It also has 25 pure flower and plant essences. I think that is totally brilliant. It also has a soft floral fragrance and I quite like it. It’s very refreshing if I may put it that way.
Coming to the effectiveness of this dry shampoo, I’d say that it is abbbbsolutely brilliant. It leaves the roots fresh, soaks up all the extra oil and does not really make hair scrunchy or overly dry. This also adds a bit of texture to the hair and I quite like it. Also once you rub the product it, it does not leave the white powder behind..well unless you apply too much of it. The problem actually is with the bottle. No matter how many times I have used it, I have never been able to get just the right amount. When I squeeze it less, I am not satisfied. When I squeeze it more, it gets too much. I mean there is no way that you can control the amount of product except the guess work. Plus when I squeeze, I end up getting uneven quantity of product on different areas of my scalp.So now I just take some of it on the palm of my hand and just work the product in with my finger tips. That works for me but this packaging would also prevent me from repurchasing the product.

But overall, I’d also say that it is one of the most effective dry shampoos I have used. It has never irritated my scalp and has always worked so well in removing all the greasiness from the roots of my hair. I also love that it is made up of natural ingredients. I would def prefer it in some other packaging though.
Rating : 3.9/5

aveda dry shampoo review

aveda dry shampoo

aveda dry shampoo swatch

And here is a little video demo on how to use this dry shampoo

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