Aveeno Active Naturals Essential Moisture Lip Conditioner with SPF 15 Review

Aveeno Active Naturals Essential Moisture Lip Conditioner with SPF 15

Hi my beautiful buddies.. 🙂

Hope all of you are doing great and enjoying new year. Thank god its friday.. 😀 I love fridays like any other person though my 24×7 duty as a mother has nothing to do with weekends. We mothers work day and night without appraisals, leaves or holiday rather paid in infinite hugs and kisses from our little bundle of joy, priceless and worthy isn’t it 🙂

AveenoActive Naturals Essential Moisture Lip conditioner with SPF 15

Sometimes I wonder what all our moms must have gone through in past years when the world was not progressive and literate like today. Thankfully many women like my grand mum, mum grabbed opportunity to learn read and write! It is a blessing to have educated female for any nation, I totally agree and would like to share this quote “If you educate a man you educate an individual, but if you educate a woman you educate a family (nation).” It holds true for every mum (fathers please don’t mind, we are daddy’s girls but this day calls for mum.. :)) for we look at our self and praise our mum for what we are today!

Let’s move on to my today’s topic before I start feeling nostalgic and end up giving hiccups to my mum in her late night sleep. Let her sleep peacefully.. 🙂 Gals today I will share a must needed lip product all year round from Aveeno Naturals.

Price: $ 2- $5 for 0.15 Oz (4.2 g), I got it for $ 1.99 on sale


Aveeno Lip conditioner with SPF 15

What Aveeno Claims About its Product: Aveeno Essential Moisturizing Lip Conditioner provides essential long-lasting moisturization to help condition and protect dry, chapped lips. With an exclusive combination of natural oatmeal.

Packaging: This lip balm comes in retractable opaque bullet packaging like burts bees lip balms. It does have very mild vanilla fragrance and taste but it is completely clear transparent when swatched on hands or lips. An ultimate cute, travel friendly packaging.

My take on Aveeno Active Naturals Essential Moisture Lip Conditioner with SPF 15:

I love Aveeno baby products and through their baby products I started loving their products meant for elders. I have been searching for this lip balm everywhere but had no idea how and why it disappeared from every store and even aveeno website?

One day I spotted it in our local baby store and took it immediately, the price was rather tempting. I am glad I got it for it works similar to that of burts bees lip balm though it is slight cheaper than burts bees one. This retractable solid balm is absolutely transparent which is perfect for everyday use or to be used beneath any matte lipcolor or stain. It really works fast in healing chapped dry scaly lips within few hours. I had dry chapped lips because of my fever and carelessness but this aveeno lip balm just worked within few hours to make them soft and hydrated. I even noticed that it did lighten the skin of my lips, I can see my lips were slight light pink unlike dark pale before using it! I am highly impressed by burts bees and this aveeno is pretty similar to burts bees acai berry balm I owned earlier except of the fact that burts bees is 100% natural while it is more or less loaded with chemicals and aveeno does have SPF 15.

Aveeno Active NaturalsEssential Moisture Lip conditioner with SPF 15

I can also wear it under any sheer or full coverage lipcolor for it does have spf 15 sun protection and it is so transparent to give color on its own. Sometimes all we need is a simple treatment which heals our skin and this is what we need for our bruised sun burnt lips! It stays and hydrates my lips for good 4-6 hours and even if the balm rinses off my lips I don’t feel itchy or flaky lips for few hours isn’t amazing! It is a long term solution for my dry flaky lips all year round! Needless to say it may become my hg lip balm for winters now for its quick results and retractable packaging which makes it easy to use anywhere. Even my hubby also uses it and loves it! I would highly recommend this transparent balm to all of you who might be in search for a decent simple lip balm to treat dry, scaly lips unlike tinted glossy balms.

Aveeno Active NaturalsLip conditioner with SPF 15

Pros of Aveeno Active Naturals Essential Moisture Lip Conditioner with SPF 15:

• A simple colorless mildly scented lip balm for chapped, dry lips
• It imparts healthy shine to lips and even lightens temporary pigment of lips as seen in my case
• Infused with goodness of jojoba oil, oatmeal and shea butter
• It would serve best on very dry, scaly lips
• Results are very quick, it melted dry scaly patches and softened my lips within few hours of using it for first time even
• It has SPF protection 15 which makes it ideal for day use as well as night time all year round
• It does not impart any color on lips hence can be used as base under any lipcolor, stain or worn alone for treating your chapped lips
• A must have for all gals who suffer from dry, scaly, patchy lips
• Affordable price

Aveeno Active Naturals Essential Moisture Lip conditioner with SPF 15

Cons of Aveeno Active Naturals Essential Moisture Lip Conditioner with SPF 15:

• Availability, it took me many months to get it in our store don’t know where it disappeared from all stores??
• It is not 100 % natural

I am loving this balm as of now and I would probably get it again and again irrespective of its chemical ingredients for its spf protection, pocket friendly price and quick results! What about you gals?? Just get it if you spot it by chance, you won’t regret your purchase believe me.

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  1. Great review Neetu.. *clap*
    I am so connected with you… good to hear few personal words from you in addition to your reviews 🙂 *haan ji*
    it feels as if i know you in person 🙂

    1. dats really great to hear neha.. *happydance* *thankyou* Even I feel so gud n light after narating my big small concerns infront of u all.. *haan ji*

  2. I totally agree wid you “educate a female educate a family(nation) *clap* *clap*
    And u work 24×7 for priceless hugs n kisses *puchhi* *puchhi*
    I’m loving every lip balm these dayzz which provide hydration especially oils and this product seems good m. Will surely look for this *jogging*
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  3. This looks great for everyday use especially in winters *happy dance* *happy dance* *happy dance* but i think even i will take ages to get this one *hihi* *hihi*

    1. *hifive* so glad u liked it.. ohh yeah aveeno pdts r lil hard to fine but m sure they will soon touch indian market.. *haan ji*

  4. *hifive* *hifive* *hifive* *hifive* *hifive* *hifive* for that phrase….. a nations progress is certainly defined by its female’s education. a man gets educated for himself, but a female for the whole family *haan ji* *haan ji* *haan ji*

    1. *thankyou* dear, yeah u may give them a try they r decent n simple.. *haan ji* totally fragrance free knw as far as i observed.. *haan ji*

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