Avera Cucum H2O Review

Avera Cucum H2O Review

I got this Avera Cucum water from an online site and I must admit I just got it because of the spray bottle and to save the shipping charge. The name Cucum H2O is attractive, especially for oily-skinned beauties. I am using this for more than a month and I would review it today.  Read on to know how this Avera Cucum water performed.



Rs. 149 for 100 ml.

My Experience with Avera Cucum H2O:

This avera cucum water comes in a spray bottle like that of the Avera Rose Water.  I had a tough time deciding whether I hate this or love this. This spray is not as light as the rose water. I generally use this before going to bed.  Just wash my face and then spray this and I am sorted.

Avera Cucum water 2

But I don’t like using this during daytime; the consistency of this spray is like water mixed with some light serum. During the daytime, I trust rose water. Oily-skinned beauties needs to be very careful with quantity used, if sprayed more than 2-3 times, my face turns greasy within 1 hour.

Avera Cucum water 3

This spray is bitter and you have to be really careful while spraying. This spray does not sting my skin or eyes. The smell is superbly relaxing and I am sure it will not disturb people with sensitive noses.

Avera Cucum water 4

Now, let me tell you the best thing about this, the days when I just wash my face and spray this, the next morning I get up with a healthy visible glow on my face as if I have used a face pack. This is the only reason I like it and the only difference from some other toners or facial sprays available in the market.

Avera Cucum water 5

Pros of Avera Cucum H2O:

  • Inexpensive.
  • Will suit all skin types.
  • No breakouts caused.
  • Gives a nice glow.
  • Can be used as a toner.
  • Can be added to face packs.
  • Retains moisture of my skin superbly.
  • Comes in a spray bottle 😛

Cons of Avera Cucum H2O:

  • The consistency is a bit, just a little bit heavy for me (during summer, my skin is super oily).

IMBB Rating:


Will I Recommend/Repurchase Avera Cucum H2O?

Yes I will, I love using this instead of a night cream and I love the fresh feeling.

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9 thoughts on “Avera Cucum H2O Review

  1. Instead of a night cream? *happy dance* i forget abt my night cream most days *headbang* so keeping this next to my face wash will be super useful. *thankyou*

  2. I may give this a try in winter. By then my current toner would be over and using a toner with oil seems like a good idea in winter. However, the fact that it does not mention which preservatives have been used makes me nervous. *scared*

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