Aviance Hydra Balance Skin Perfecting Day Creme Review

Skin Type: Oily and Sensitive

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I recently picked up Aviance Hydra Balance range to pamper my skin. I’ve already reviewed Hydra Balance Moisture Infused Serum and today I am going to share my views about their Hydra Balance Skin Perfecting Day Creme. Read on to know more.

Price: INR 999 for 40g

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My Experience with Aviance Hydra Balance Skin Perfecting Day Creme:

Aviance Hydra Balance Skin Perfecting Day Creme comes in a beautiful mint green coloured small glass jar with a nice golden cap. Every product-related information is nicely described on the outer box. I really like this packaging and it is also quite travel-friendly. Yes, it is a glass jar, but it never feels heavy.

The cream has a mild and slightly medicated scent, yet it doesn’t bother at all. This cream is white in colour and has a creamy consistency that glides super smoothly on the skin. I really like its smooth texture as it gets absorbed by the skin with a little massage. It doesn’t feel heavy or greasy; it feels light and fresh. Initially, I thought it’d make my skin oily but surprisingly it’s never done that. It feels nice and gentle on the skin. It doesn’t have a matte finish but I really like its soft, glowing finish.

Since it is a hydra balance cream it helps to maintain that perfect balance of hydration and provides the desired amount of hydration. A few weeks ago, my skin started to feel dry. So, I used this cream regularly and now the texture of my skin feels better. It has repaired my dry, rough cheeks and made them super soft, smooth and supple. I am totally amazed at the softness it provides to the skin. It deeply moisturises my skin and takes care of dryness. It also offers 5 blends of sunscreen with UV blocker which claim to keep my skin protected from harmful sun rays. But I don’t think this SPF is sufficient for Indian summers. Hence, I need an extra layer of sunscreen.

This skin perfecting cream repairs dull texture well and makes skin healthy. It rebalances dehydration and adds a fresh glow to the skin. My skin looks bright and fresh. I always use it with the serum and both work very beautifully on me. I can feel the changes in my skin. Also, the softness of my skin stays throughout the day and there’s no need for a reapplication. My sensitive skin has accepted this product and that’s why I have not seen any breakouts because of this cream.

Overall, I am totally satisfied with this range. It has improved my skin and removed all sorts of dryness. Now, I am enjoying my smoother, healthier skin. I don’t have major imperfections on my skin, so I am happy with its hydrating nature. It’s called a ‘skin perfecting’ cream, so if you want something more from your day cream, like spot treatment, then this one is not for you. For me, it is a perfect day cream for hydration and it will suit almost every skin type. It does everything is claims and that’s why I love it so much.

Pros of Aviance Hydra Balance Skin Perfecting Day Creme:

⦁ Beautiful packaging.
⦁ Soft, creamy texture.
⦁ Blends easily on the skin.
⦁ Feels lightweight and gets absorbed quickly.
⦁ Doesn’t feel greasy or heavy.
⦁ Provides a good amount of hydration.
⦁ Makes skin smoother, softer and healthier.
⦁ Repairs dry skin texture.
⦁ Has a nice, non-oily but creamy finish.
⦁ Softness lasts long.
⦁ Does not make my skin oily.
⦁ Has UV blocker.
⦁ Adds a nice healthy bounce and glow to the skin.
⦁ Good for all skin types.

Cons of Aviance Hydra Balance Skin Perfecting Day Creme:

⦁ Not a good fragrance.
⦁ Sun protection is not enough.

IMBB Rating: 4.6/5
Will I Repurchase/Recommend Aviance Hydra Balance Skin Perfecting Day Creme?
Yes to both.

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