Aviance Moisture Complex with Vitamin E Lotion Review

Aviance Moisture Complex with Vitamin E-12-Hr Formula

The product being reviewed here is one of the staple products in my skin care regime.

aviance vitamin e lotion

What is the company all about?

The premium range of Aviance beauty products and solutions addresses all your personal needs and complements your individual features.

Skincare needs are different for each individual. Aviance understands this and has formulated a complete range of skincare products to address every skincare need.

Aviance believes that successful skincare treatments are always a two-way process. Not just quality products, but a careful step-by-step following of the instructions is the key in achieving beautiful skin.

Therefore, we suggest a step-by-step beauty regime in order to achieve the desired results. Apart from understanding the different types of skin, Aviance also creates premium beauty products that solve various skin problems. No matter what your skin type or condition, we help you choose the right products, resulting in a healthy, radiant skin.

What the company claims about the product?
Harnessing the potent powers of Vitamin E, this enriching moisture complex creates a protective barrier against premature skin damage and fights the first signs of ageing. Clinically proven to keep skin hydrated for 12 hours, this non-greasy formula is recommended for acne-prone, oily and combination skin. Don’t forget this daily dose of vitamins for healthy nourished skin.

  •  Now proven to deliver 48% more moisture after 12 hrs.
  •  All 7 symptoms of dryness visibly reduced within 2 weeks of usage
  • Apply on your hands as well and see a significant improvement in just 3 days!

Price: 249 INR for 75gm

Packaging: The lotion comes in a lovely metallic blue colored opaque plastic bottle with pump dispenser at the top. The pump dispenser is covered by a transparent cap. Attractive bottle but it’s hard to judge the amount left inside it.

aviance vitamin e lotion review


aviance lotion review

My Experience with the product:

Being blessed with combination-oily skin type I always look for products that give a matte finish to my facial skin without stealing its sheen. Along with that I want my skin to have indulged in some ingredients that take care of its health, texture and color. I was pretty impressed by the description of the product itself. So I thought of giving it a try. The lotion is white in color with medium consistency and gets absorbed very quickly without leaving any greasiness or any whitish cast. It just makes your skin smooth and bright. Very little amount is needed to cover your entire face and neck. The smell is mild though which might appeal a few. I personally liked the smell. I am into habit of splashing my face every now and then with water. Due to this habit my skin usually becomes dry when I apply my regular lotion i.e. Lacto Calamine Classic moisturizer. But when I do this after applying this lotion mentioned here, my face never feels the need of moisturizing again. I can feel the softness the whole day. This does not make my skin look shiny or oily at all. A decent product, I would say.

aviance lotion

  • Gives an excellent soft, matte finish to your skin
  • Not at all greasy
  • Not at all heavy
  • Small amount is required at a time
  • The pump dispenser is just perfect for one time amount


  • The packaging, as the cap is loose and might get lost if not handled properly
  • Availability
  • No SPF content

Final Verdict: This is decent product at very reasonable price. This could be beneficial for all oily skinned beauties like me. Best results will be driven if it is used in succession with “Aviance Oil Control Cleanser” which I will be reviewing shortly. The only concern is that you can get it through distributors only. Locating them is a bit difficult.

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9 thoughts on “Aviance Moisture Complex with Vitamin E Lotion Review

  1. Very reasonable price , and aviance seems to have passed the quality test from Imbb 😀 I saw their compact in a similar blue coloured packaging , but I wasnt sure whether to buy it or not , since i usually look for long wear stuff. Will check out the skincare range though. Thanks for the review. ^_^

  2. yeah i would also like to know where aviance products are available. it sounds pretty awesome. would love to give a few products a shot. :))

  3. Used this product n was pissd off by it…its heavy on skin n though it will giv a matte finish for sometym…it will feel awful oily in the sun… N till it gives d matte effect skin will feel stretchy.. I feel neutrogena oil free moisture is cheaper n wayyyyyyyyyyyyy better dan this…

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