How to Avoid Back Pain Problem

Back pain is one of the most common problem faced by millions of people in their  day to day life across the globe today. There are various factors that are responsible for back pain problem like injuries, spondylolisthesis, muscle strain etc.

back pain

Prevention is always better than cure and is much too better as far as back problem is concerned. It becomes difficult and in some cases impossible for a person to do normal routine work.. frustrating isn’t it.

There are certain ways through which we can avoid putting strain on our back in day to day life. By adopting these habits we can avoid the complications of a back pain and can enjoy life better.

Here are some tips to avoid back or spinal pain problem:

1) Exercise: Daily exercise helps to strengthen back muscles and provide flexibility to it which in turn reduces the chances of back pain.

2) Invest in a good mattress: Many people do not hesitate to buy expensive décor items for their home but when it comes to mattress they try to save every penny possible. A mattress should be such which can support the spine and can provide proper comfort during sleep. Never choose a mattress that is too hard or too soft.

3) Posture: Good body posture helps to ease off the pressure off the spine. Never bend your neck and shoulders always keep them straight. Never stand in a bending position always keep your knees straight. Always keep in mind the following points related to posture:

a) Sitting: Always choose a seat that has adequate lower back support. Never bend your neck while working on a computer instead of doing so always use chairs of suitable height.
b) Lifting: Avoid lifting heavy objects always push them. In unavoidable circumstances always bend your knees while lifting and try to keep the weight close to your body.
c) Sleeping: Never lie on your stomach while sleeping as it increases the stress on spine.

4) Avoid high heels: This would not go down well with all the fashion lovers (including me) but unfortunately wearing high heels for long puts strain on our spine. Wear comfortable shoes with low heels.

5) Don’t stand for too long: Avoid standing for too long but if your work requires you to do so then you must try and alternate your position using a stool or a chair.

back pain
6) Control your weight: People who are overweight tend to have more back problems than those who are not. Fat around the belly puts in more stress on the spine and thus back pain occurs.

7) Healthy food: The role of a healthy diet can not be ruled out. Eat food rich in calcium which will help to strengthen your bone and reduce the chances of injury and pain.

8) Massage: Getting a back massage whenever possible is also a good ideas as it helps to relax muscles.

9) Stretching: Always perform stretching exercise before and after a workout to tone and relax the muscles. Stretching should also be done when a person is sitting in a same position for long to avoid neck problems.

10) Do not ignore regular pain: It is not advised to ignore the regular pain in the back. Consult a doctor before the condition becomes bad.

back pain

Not only adults but children too should be made to follow these few steps as they carry the heavy load of school bags on their shoulders. Parents should not ignore if their child complains of a back problem as age is no criteria to discard back problem. It can happen to anyone anywhere.

What do you do to keep your back free of any problems?

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