7 Brilliant Ways to Avoid Cakey Foundation Look

To achieve a perfect makeup look it is important to do the base makeup in a flawless way. But often we end up with cakey and muddy base makeup that looks like a cracked mask on the face. This happens even when you use the best makeup products; you cannot blame the products for this. There are a few mistakes that we do unknowingly and they lead to a ruined makeup look. Here are 7 makeup mistakes that women tend to do quite often. Anyone of these is enough to ruin your makeup and day.

Avoid cakey foundation

1. Not prepping the skin well

It is important to prep your skin well before using any makeup product. A smooth skin is important for creating the flawless base. Follow your CTM routine before the makeup application. A gentle exfoliation is important to remove the dry, dead skin cells without irritating the skin. You can also use a cooling toner or ice to calm down the skin. After the moisturizer, you should opt for a primer as it minimizes the pores, stops the excess oil secretion and helps to keep your foundation in place for longer. The primer is important as it makes the application better. If you do not have one in stash, use a gel based moisturizer instead as it has similar effects to some extent.

2. Applying layers of concealer first


It is important to conceal your dark circle, blemishes and acne. But using a layer of concealer on the face first will actually make your makeup look heavy. You can do this only when you are applying a 2 in 1 product which acts as both a foundation and a concealer. Otherwise always apply the foundation first and apply concealer on the areas that need the extra coverage (foundation will cover a few flaws completely and others to some extent). This will actually help the concealer to stay in place which otherwise gets displaced due to foundation application and also keeps the skin free from layers of product.

3. Using thick, heavy coverage foundation

Many foundations look alluring as they claim to give heavy coverage and a perfect finish. Now these foundations are quite thick and are not supposed to be used for daily makeup or even party makeup. Generally makeup artists use these products on models for photo shoots, television, and ramp walk; trust me, their application techniques, setting techniques are pretty different than what you follow. Also, they don’t need their makeup to last all day long and they get enough scope to fix the makeup in-between. For your requirement, it is best to use a lightweight foundation with medium coverage that won’t look heavy on the face. For hiding the flaws, you are already using the concealer!

4. Wrong application technique

Just like the product you are using, your application technique is also important. Generally women use three tools for blending their makeup- fingers, brushes and blending sponges. Now, when you use your finger to rub the product, your skin gets sensitive. The dry patches start showing up, your oil glands get activated, the pimples and red patches become prominent and even after putting on layers that skin will look sick and wounded. Using a makeup brush is not a good idea either as it often leads to streaky lines and you won’t get even layer of foundation all over. Now you are probably wondering about the makeup artists who apply foundation perfectly with brushes or fingers. But they are specialized in doing so; you cannot compare their skills with your skills! For us, the best possible way is to take some product on the blending sponge and dabbing it gently all over the face. This way the product gets inside the skin without looking streaky and your flaws will never get highlighted and prominent.

5. Using a heavy compact on the foundation


Many women use the heavily pigmented compacts on the foundation as they want even more coverage. But it makes the makeup heavier and chances of caking increases. Such compacts are basically foundations in the pressed powder form and are supposed to be used alone on primer with a little concealer. To set your foundation, the best option is definitely using the translucent loose powder. The powder does not add any layer, but just helps the foundation to stay in place. Also instead of using a powder brush (that will displace the foundation to some extent) use a sponge to dab the powder (which actually locks the powder and foundation together)

6. Hurrying to apply all other products

Perfect makeup application demands some time and attention. If you are in a hurry, it is better not to opt for a detailed makeup routine. After applying each product it is important to give some time to set the product. Applying a blush with a blush brush on the wet foundation will displace the foundation and make it muddy and streaky. Same thing applies for all the contouring and highlighting products too! After applying the foundation give it some time (around 5 minutes) to dry and set. Apply the translucent powder next and then use all other products. The translucent powder helps to create a silky smooth base and the blush, contour and highlighting products glide easily on it without leaving any patch or streak.

7. Wrong touch up technique

I used to do to this every now and then and suffered for years without even understanding what is exactly going wrong. Puffing some more powder on the already oily and sweaty skin actually never helps. It leads to a muddy finish as the oil, sweat and powder mix up and all together it looks super patchy and cakey. So, whenever you want to do a touch up, first make sure to remove the excess oil using oil-blotting sheet. Next, use the translucent powder to set the foundation patches that are not looking perfect instead of using it on the whole face.

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