What to Avoid Eating for a Slimmer Face?

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Dreaming of a slim and well-toned face with chiseled features is what every woman dreams of. While we try different exercises to lose fat from the face, we often tend to forget the fact that certain food items do add flab to the face. In fact, dietary changes are extremely important if you want to cut down fat from your face. It is not just the fat from your face that gets reduced, but you will also experience an overall reduction in the body weight if you avoid these food items. In this post, we will tell you what to avoid eating for a slimmer face.

Avoid Eating for a Slimmer Face

1. Soy Sauce: With an increase in salt intake, the water retention capacity in your body increases and you would end up feeling bloated. One of the chief sources of salt intake is found in soy sauce. Despite being low in calories, soy sauce is extremely high on sodium and that can leave your face puffy with increased risk of hypertension. You should use soy sauce sparingly or avoid it completely.

2. Multi-grain bread: If you are really targeting to lose fat from your face, steering clear of any kind of bread should be your first priority. All these processed loaves may look healthy and inviting, but they are harmful for your body. You should pay heed to the ingredient list of such breads. Multi-grain may not necessarily mean whole grain. Instead of eating refined carbs, try to incorporate whole grains in your diet. They are gluten free and are good for weight loss.

3. Alcohol: It might look tempting to drink a glass of red wine or beer but you may not be aware of the adverse effects it has on your weight gain. Alcohol is rich in empty calories and it comes devoid of essential nutrients. So, until your body gets rid of alcohol, don’t expect to lose fat from the face.

4. Sugar-free products: In the mission to cut down on your sugar intake, do you have the tendency to consume sugar-free products? These might be low in calories but consuming them can be dangerous to your health. Often, they play a major role in increasing the insulin levels of blood as they contain unhealthy sugar alternatives.

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5. Junk food: Having junk food is a big no-no if you pray to get a slimmer face. Cutting back on calories doesn’t mean you have to load up on junk. These make for great occasional treats but not for regular meal options.

6. Whole milk: Whole milk should be avoided as it comes loaded with excess fat and cholesterol. Instead, you should drink skimmed milk as extra fats from it are removed and you also get to enjoy goodness of milk without worrying about calories.

7. Low-fat food: Consuming low-fat foods is the new fad, but it always not good if you are on a weight-loss diet. These foods in the name of not containing many calories often comes loaded with chemicals which put you in the risk of added weight gain.

8. Sprinkling Salt: We often sprinkle salt on low-calorie meals to make them taste better, but these come loaded with sodium and make face puffy. Instead, you must use fresh herbs to add flavour to your food.

9. Unwanted fats: It commonly comes with the illusion that fats are responsible for weight gain and heart problems in the body. But that only happens, when you consume unwanted fats like mayonnaise and butter. These are not so good for regular use and contribute significantly to weight gain. Instead, you should use healthy fats from avocado oil, pumpkin seed oil if you want to burn fat from the face.

10. Red meat: One must always avoid red meat as it comes loaded with harmful fats and extra calories. You need to snack more on dairy rich foods like low-fat cheese and yoghurt as they are found to be beneficial for weight loss.

Now, summarizing what we listed above, you mainly need to cut down on sugar and salt intake as they can make your body retain water and hence make it bloated. Therefore, avoid processed foods and fast foods to reduce salt intake. Also, cut down on refined carbs and use more of whole grains and complex carbs as they are beneficial for weight loss. You must also completely get rid of your alcohol intake. Follow these rules and you can easily achieve a slimmer face. Thanks for reading!


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