How to Avoid Makeup Meltdown

Avoiding Makeup Meltdowns

makeup meltdownSo you are ready for the party, all decked up, perfect with the dress and the stilettos. You make up is perfect, perfect accessories and perfect smell, but wait a minute you just need to check if you need a touch up. Is your make up melting? Or are you scared that it would? If this happens to you too, here is a post which shall help you get out of the misery.

This happens to everyone. Be it a party or simply our office, as the time passes we see our make up fading and flawed. Of course there are hundreds of products available to help us out but do we even know which product to use and how? The secret of having a perfect make up is the layers we have in our make up.

In a nut shell here’s how the layers should be, firstly the primer, then the concealer followed by foundation, blush and shimmer. The primer is the anchor and the very basic foundation of your make up since it makes the skin look smoother and grips the make up for long. The primer creates a barricade between your skin and the heat. The primer must be applied just like you apply any other moisturizer followed by the concealer.


  • Trish McEvoy Even Skin Face Primer
  • DuWop Smoothset
  • MAC Prep and Prime
  • Inglot Primer

The concealer diminishes imperfections, reduces redness of the skin, uneven shades and shadows of the face. Then comes the foundation, the modern foundations come with sunscreen and also provide a polished finish to the skin. Concealer can be a woman’s best cosmetic friend, camouflaging dark circles and other spots, making skin look flawless whereas, improper concealer application can worsen problems.

Picking the right shade of concealer is very important. A too-light or too-dark concealer can mess your whole look.

Choosing the form of foundation is one of the toughest jobs for all women; the sticks, liquids, creams, or the powders. Normal skinned women are just fine with anything. Dry skin can afford a cream or liquid foundation which glides easily over the skin whereas the Oily skin needs an oil-free liquid but a powder foundation’s works better. The sheerest coverage possible is recommended by me since I like the real skin through any foundation since freckles and little idiosyncrasies are just normal. Hence a liquid is the sheerest form of foundation and the Powder or dual finish powders are less sheer. And the cream foundation is the most opaque of all.

For a cream or liquid foundation, you can use a sponge, a brush, or my favorite fingertips. Apply in thin layers for more coverage along with a moisturizer. Remember Cream products are compatible with cream foundations and powdered colors work best with powder foundations.

Since the concealer can settle the flaky, bumpy skin textures, it’s vital to moisturize before you conceal. Pat a bit of moisturizer over areas and let it sink into the skin for a minimum of ten minutes. Avoid a glob of concealer and start with small dots. Pat it into the skin rather than rubbing the product into the skin. Avoid a lot of powder, since it can settle into fine lines, but yes a light dusting is recommended.

L'Oreal Infallible Never Fail Makeup SPF 18 SunscreenRecommendation:

  • L’Oreal Infallible Never Fail Makeup SPF 18 Sunscreen stays for 16 hours.
  • Prescriptives Flawless Total Protection Makeup with SPF 15.
  • Sephora All Over Skin Compact Foundation
  • Cargo Liquid Foundation contains antioxidants vitamin C and
  • Neutrogena’s Healthy Skin Glow Sheers SPF 30

Now that you are done with the base of the make up its time to beat the blush. The trick to have the perfect blush is to pick the shade which suits your skin tone the most. Bobbi Brown Blush


Now it’s time to add some color and shimmer. The shimmer provides a delicate sheen to your skin with some luminescence which helps to bury the imperfections. The shimmer must be applied in a C- shape.


  • Givenchy Prismissime Skin Fusion 31
  • Dior Glam Highlighting Powder

Using powder helps in locking the make up and keeping the skin oil free and it’s the best way to blend the make up. You can use powder to create that matte effect for your lips by powdering over lip pencil or putting tissue on your lipstick and sprinkling powder creates magic.

Translucent powder is the best pick here. It can be used without foundation or concealer. If you’re powdering over foundation and concealer, go lighter. If placed over liquid or creams, powders can turn darker. The sheer is determined by the form of powder you use, pressed or loose. Loose powder is sheer whereas compact or pressed is opaque. The shine diminishes with a full face dusting of powder.

Here’s an unconventional use of powder which you must never have thought of. Say you are done with foundation and concealer, and now getting ready for eye makeup and all of a sudden a eye color fleck falls on your just done face make up. The trick to avoid such hazards is to dust some powder under the eyes with a brush before getting into the makeup. One’s done with the make up you can wipe or dust off this powder. You have just put foundation over your eyelids now powder them with a powdered eye shadow if you are using a cream or liquid eye shadow you need not do this. Powdering the eyelids makes the eye shadow glide smoothly. You can use powder to set the foundation and concealer firmly and avoid creasing. Hope all these tips help you and avoid you from makeup meltdown.


20 thoughts on “How to Avoid Makeup Meltdown

  1. Great post Zeeba! I do have a question about concealers (for you and everyone). I basically thought that it’s concealer first then foundation, but lately in magazines and on TV I see an increasing number of makeup artists say that concealer goes on after the foundation.
    I use concealer under my eyes and for post acne keloid scars. Should I use my concealer before or after my foundation for a flawless application?
    Please help! :-))

    1. well there are no rules in make up! do what feels right and looks right.
      i personally use concealer BEFORE my foundation. i know that most people do the opposite because less concealer is used that way, but i personally feel that you get better coverage if you apply concealer first. the foundation just seals it in further.

      1. and I too agree with Rima, I use make up everyday for my shoots, and trust me….I do that quite often…I apply the concealer before foundation…but then concealer after foundation
        has a different affect all together. :skywalker:

    2. well Devika, the concealer goes after the foundation. The foundation sets the base for your make up and the concealer is for hiding those flaws which the foundation can’t…. so try it this way…and let me know if it works better for you. :-))

    1. Thanks for appreciating my work and giving me love….. The Inglot primer is good..I remember it being gifted to me by a’s silicon free..and spreads beautifully, it shouldn’t harm you in any ways..i guess… 🙂

  2. great post zeeba…

    i agree with the concealer part … its my best friend too …

    hey devika its for u here… i have seen some youtubers swearing by the use of concealer only n dont use foundations at all …
    but if u think u need foundation … do apply concealer after that it gives u an idea how much shade diff is actually there…
    i only use concealer and rose water in day to day otherwise concealer and tinted moisturizer for me in evening outs…

  3. I was gona ask abt the concealer too and i see that so many other had the same question too! anyway looks like.. trying out both and deciding which works best for you is the best option.

    Nice post!

    1. Hmmm…I agree Wanderlust..(don’t know your name)…. :)..try out both and let us know how you liked it…..and thanks for liking my work.. 🙂 :cow2:

  4. I hv never used a concealer or primer… I … I…. 😥 someone help me… I have no idea abt makeup…. IMBB is helping thanx…:beauty:
    :cat2: meow!! muah!!

    1. Rashmi…..we are here to help you……… shoot in any of your queries and we shall get back to you…:)

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