Avoid These Mistakes While Coloring Your Hair

By Shivani Trivedi

Coloring hair in a desirable shade (or two) is indeed an enticing experience for those who adore beautiful transformations in life. The lack of time make people deem for hair color at home. But, watch it girls! Because coloring hair at home is not that easy and most possibly, people do make some very common mistakes which can lead to awkward hair colors. Here, I am going to discuss those mistakes and will let you know how to avoid these mistakes!

Avoid These Mistakes While Coloring Your Hair

1. Choosing The Color By Just Looking At The Package

Avoid These Mistakes While Coloring Your Hair3

Come on, ladies! I mean how can you decide on ea hair color just by looking at the model on the package of the color. The color will surely come up different than how it looks on the model.

So, what’s the solution? You can simply go for one strand test in which you can test the color on around one inch of your hair and go for it only if you really like it!

2. Staining Skin During Coloring

Though, it is not a very big problem to be discussed about, but obviously colored scalp and stained skin near the hairline doesn’t look nice. And, in fact, I have seen people doing such mistakes as they don’t do anything to prevent these blotches.

Well, you really don’t need to work hard to prevent blotches, just apply aquaphor or Vaseline all around the hairline before coloring. If any blotch of the color is left, you can remove it with an oil based makeup remover.

3. Application That Leads to Inky Finish

Avoid These Mistakes While Coloring Your Hair2

It occurs when you apply the entire color at once. This is because it gives a very inky finish to the hair and doesn’t seem natural. Applying all at once should be avoided and especially during hair color at home. While coloring hair, remember that ends should be colored slightly lighter than the rest of the hair to get more finished look.

4. Trying Ombre and Red at Home

Avoid These Mistakes While Coloring Your Hair1

Don’t try to be hair professional at home. The idea of getting gorgeous ombre or red color on hair might sound tempting, but seriously, leave it to professionals. You would not like the results it will give you. If you really want to transform your hair, do it in the presence of an expert or better, let the expert do it entirely for you.

5. Same Treatment for Gray Hair

Are you going to color your gray hair same as the rest of your hair? Just stop and think! After coloring, gray hair will end up looking rather different from rest of your hair and thus, would look weird and noticeable. In this case, experts suggest that one must use deeper shade for gray hair.

6. Matching Eyebrows with Hair Color

Avoid These Mistakes While Coloring Your Hair4

Yeah, I have seen some people doing this! I mean, can you imagine people coloring their eyebrows especially to match the hair on their heads. Frankly speaking, there is no obligation to do this.

7. Lightening Dark Hair Color Directly

It is not hard to lighten dark hair color if and only if it is about coloring naturally dark hair. But, it is harsh to change dark dyed hair into any lighter shade. Trust me, this may lead to any disastrous result if you try to lighten hair which you have dyed dark previously.

First of all, remove that dark dye from your hair and after that, apply that lighter shade to the hair for a beautiful finish.

8. Not Taking Precaution Post Coloring

Avoid These Mistakes While Coloring Your Hair5

After the application of color, never wash it with hot water because it can remove the color from hair and it is important to apply a hair mask to condition hair to get back the lost moisture. This is because hair coloring causes dry hair issue and hair dehydration.

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  1. I have just colored my hair once and my sister did it(she is a trained professional). But, I am not sure if I would like to go for color again, except when I develop grays. 😀

  2. very nice post Shivani, you know I have highlights but they faded to half so soon 🙁
    I am in serious mood to dip dye my hair blonde now 😛

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