Avon Advanced Techniques Hair Frizz Control Review

Avon Advanced Techniques Frizz Control Review

Avon Advanced Frizz Control with Lotus Shield has been just recently introduced in the catalogue. The first time that it was there, I had a chance to get a free paddle brush, but I missed ordering it then. When I ordered it now, the offer with the paddle brush was gone . 🙁

advance technique frizz control

I have bought this Avon Frizz Control in advance because I will be traveling to some really humid places this June and I don’t want my hair to look like a bird’s nest. Most of us will remember that particular episode in “Friends” series, when Monica Geller goes to this humid place and her hair reacts badly to the weather; sadly, my hair looks the same way in such humid conditions too. Also, the catch line of this product is, “exclusive Lotus shield technology repels moisture and defies humidity like never before!” Here’s my review after using it for 2 weeks.

advance technique frizz control

Courtney Cox as Monica Geller in “Friends” series. Her hair in this pic reminds me of mine in humid weather.

courtney cox


Frizz is Finished.

Exclusive Lotus Shield Technology repels moisture and defies humidity like never before!

Formulated with Lotus Shield Technology to help form a protective lightweight barrier that holds up even in humid weather. This leave-in serum instantly helps smooth and tame hair, then lasts through 2 washes*!


Step 1:

Wash hair with Advance Techniques shampoo and conditioner (hmmph).

Step 2:

Apply Lotus Shield to damp hair.

Step 3:

Dry and style as normal.


PRICE: Rs. 429 for 60 mL.


Avon Frizz Control with Lotus Shield is a bright orange-colored bottle with nozzle cap that comes securely packed in a double cabinet packing. Since, the orange bottle is not made of glass, I wondered whether the double packing was to add “weightage” to the product. The white creamy colored fluid smells heavily but pleasantly of Lotus, which I quite like since they have added the right scent. When I glanced through the ingredients list, I found (alcohol content: 12.17%), this looked similar to the alcohol content mentioned on my dad’s beverage bottles. I found it quite amusing as to what alcohol was doing in a serum, no answers for that yet.


Of note, I didn’t use the Advanced Hair Shampoo and conditioner from Avon as it was recommended in the catalogue. I just used Loreal’s repair shampoo (no conditioner) and used a small amount of Avon serum on damp hair (leaving hair roots). As I styled my hair after using the serum, I did notice there was less of frizzy hair, but the frizz control was not to my satisfaction. I still had fly-aways and frizz, but my hair did smell pleasant.

So, the second time that I used this Avon serum, I decided to team up Loreal shampoo with Loreal conditioner and then apply the leave-in serum to damp hair. There was much better frizz control and gloss this time around, and I could easily manage my hair and style as needed.

In the catalogue, they claim that the leave-in serum lasts through two hair washes, but with me, it just got washed away in one rinse itself.

Overall, I would rate this Avon frizz control serum as an above-average product worth its “introductory” price “only.”


• Pleasant smell, the parfum smells of lotus…..(ah).
• Lightweight creamy liquid that spreads in the hair evenly without any hassles.
• Controls frizzy hair when coupled with shampoo and conditioner.
• Introductory price is reasonable.
• Adds a bit of gloss and shine (again in combination with shampoo+conditioner).



• Contains alcohol content of 12.17%, I don’t know how negative that content is.
• Works only if the hair is conditioned properly, it does only a little bit to “only shampoo applied hair.”
• It might not work on very curly hair as effectively as it does on straight hair or wavy hair.
• Claims of frizz control effect lasting through two washes does not hold water, in my hair, it got washed away in the first rinse itself.
• The real price of the serum is a bit high.
• Contains “cones.”


IMBB RATING: 2.5/5….-2.5 for working well with conditioner and the pleasant lotus flower’s scent.

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40 thoughts on “Avon Advanced Techniques Hair Frizz Control Review

  1. is this a similar concept like Matrix and Loreal frizz control> If yes, I dont need to try this. 🙂 if No, yeahhh another product to try :hihi:

  2. :struggle: I also got this as a sample & after giving this a try ..my hair gets super Oily & everybody was staring at me like anything.. :yikes: :yuck: :yuck: :yuck:

    im currently using Matrix Serum & im now Loving ittt… :love: :love:

  3. I use Loreal hair spa cream bath twice a month,that has helped in frizzy problems :tongue:
    Great review,Hope you are well now ! :puchhi:

  4. i was tempted to buy the Dove hair pack/serum (???)..nice blue dabba but kept it back at the counter last minute.. :snicker: :snicker: .wondering if anyone has used that.

  5. Yes Aruna, i have used it… works really well for me…
    Actually i love the entire Dove hair care range :yahoo:

      1. I have used the blue tub dove hair masque/mask(old packaging). OMG pls stay away from those. Hair tends to be frizzy,dry and parched and you need lots and lots of water maybe a tank full of water to wash it off. I am not sure of the new formula and packaging of the Dove hair masque. I has to throw the whole tub out(blue).
        As for the the leave in conditioner ,I have tried the intense repair overnight treatment which did an okay job. Nothing to rave about it but definitely better than the older version of the blue one. I feel pantene leave in better.

      1. Habibs serum green bottle, I used, caused much hairfall !! Since that I have never bought a single serum! :((

  6. I have been using Matirx Biolage Smoothing Hair serum for almost 2 years and just loving the product. But that fades away after a day.
    Saw this on a poster in my parlour claiming to give smooth frizz free hair for 3 days .
    While reading reviews I happened to stumble into a website selling this product for Rs 250 :yahoo: So obviously grabbed it :haanji:
    Hmm when compared to Matrix it’s sticky and doesn’t smooth out or add gloss like Matrix. But I did observe that hair is more soft on second day 🙂
    Hmm ofcourse I vote for Matrix only for my wavy thick frizzy hair( yet tameable after 2-3 hours of hair wash).
    But ya it worked for my mom who has thin hair texture than mine but lot of fly away’s. She did say that she doesn’t need to apply after every wash. Rather she applies for alternate hair washes.

    @Jomol : Where do you buy Matrix Hair Serums in Hyderabad? :pucchi: yes I am also a Hyderabadi :cheers:

    1. Vishnupriya Anne and Jomol – me Hyderabadi too so :cheers: from me to both of you too..I bought mine in Bombay..

  7. Me have this too jomol akka..my sis has super curly and frizzy hair..it showed ok ok results on her hair..so me will not buy this anymore :hunterwali:

  8. Jomol….. i got the matrix one after reading your review here…. and i’m happy with it, though i don’t use it regularly 🙂

  9. Hey Aruna :yahoo: , I used to get it from the saloon I go in my locality. But now they are not using this serum in the salon anymore 🙁 so trying to find out where else I can get it in Hyderabad.

    All my dear hyderbadis of IMBB plz let me know if you know where can we get Matrix Biolage Smoothing Hair Serum in Hyderabad

  10. I have used this too… i have soft curls…n this does not control the frizz much…i like javed habib’s hair serum…it works well. :)) :)) ..Nice review Jomol…. :yes: :yes:

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