Avon Care Fairness Face Wash Review

Avon Care Fairness Face Wash Review


I bought quite a few products of Avon from a representative, so she gave me this face wash as a free gift :heart:

FIRST Look: :specs: :mirror:

This face wash comes in a white to pink shaded tube with a navy blue cap…which had it not been for the avon care logo would have looked mismatched. 😕

avoncare fairness face wash

I got this as a free gift; otherwise it is for Rs.65/50 grams. Pretty cheap & in offers it would be cheaper.


Avon Care fairness face wash effectively cleanses up dirt, excess oils and lipids without over drying the skin, leaving skin clean, refreshed, soft & smooth with glow. Formulated with Licorice extract. Gentle to the skin. Suitable for everyday use. Allergy tested. Dermatologist tested.
Texture and Fragrance:
This is a transparent thick liquid with a fruity fragrance.


How To Use:
Apply desired amount onto wet hands & create lather. Gently smooth onto face in circular motion. Rinse& pat dry.
My Take:
I have been using this face wash since a week. It’s quite god as a face wash. My skin does look very clean. But fair. I am not very sure, because I am already fair. 😀
This face wash does clean up all the dirt, oil, greasiness as it claims. The glow part is also true to some extent. Compared to the regular face washes I did prefer this one as it is quite mild also despite lathering well. And also I like the fruity fragrance. Very subtle vet lasting.
Pros of Avon Care Fairness Face Wash:
1. Does what it is supposed to do.
2. It does not dry out the skin.
3. Leaves a mold fragrance after washing the face.
4. Requires very little quantity, just pea size.
5. Very reasonably priced.
Cons Of Avon Care Fairness Face Wash:
1. Well first of all it contains parabens. That’s a big turn off.
2. Secondly, it is available only through Avon representatives.
Besides this I don’t find anything that will make me not like this product.
Why not???
Decently priced, plus effective so….. 😀 😀 😀

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17 thoughts on “Avon Care Fairness Face Wash Review

  1. Nice review Dimpi…. i got this one 🙂 and i actually like it…. true, its very light and cleans up very well :waytogo:

  2. i think ponds daily wash is better as it is easily available & does all the same 😉 ..cheaper even.. :toothygrin:

  3. dimps i got two of these but i mmmm was not as impressed on the fairness pasrt as much :((
    i love gel face washes tho as i have oilt skin
    but as nids said i love th green ponds daily face wash like hell
    its the best for the price

    1. neha….i dont know about the fairness effectiveness of this facewash cuz i am already on the fair side but for the clean feel…it is gr8….n if u have oily skin u can try AHAGLOW FACEWASH…its gr8 for oily skin…i ll be reviewing it soon…. :yes: :yes: :yes:

    1. gargi….ponds is too strong for sensitive skin people like me…though i have oily skin…ponds makes my skin look like its dry & parched…. :no: :nono: :nonono:

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