Avon Eyeshadows Review, Photos and Swatches

Avon eye shadows: A mixed opinion

By far I think everyone knows I am an impulsive shopper and end up buying what ever I like if it’s in my range. I do a hell lot of catalogue shopping too and I am a self proclaimed expert in that although I don’t recommend anything to any one else from the catalogue unless I am sure myself. I also end up committing a lot of blunders in choosing from the catalogue. Not to mention that the catalogues do mention as a foot note that actual colours may vary from the brochure. I recently purchased some eye shadows from Avon and a couple of other stuff too but I here I want to share my mixed reaction to these eye shadows so that any of you contemplating spending on any of these can think again. Hopefully I can save some money here.
Avon Eyeshadow
Avon simply pretty eye liner and eye shadow duo

Avon Eyeshadow Duo
Price Rs 199 for 1 gram loose powder eye shadow and a tiny 0.5 gram pencil
Shades available: Princess wink (pink), Goddess wink (blue), Angel wink (brown)
I happen to have bought all three. πŸ™‚
These are made in Argentina

Let’s start with my favourite:

Angle WInk

Angel wink: I was in the market for a nice pigmented wearable brown smooth satin finish eye shadow for a very long time. This colour caught my eye and I should not resist buying it. Angel wink is a powder eye shadow or loose pigment we can say with a doe end applicator. The powder is coppery brown with shimmer finish which looks beautiful. It blends beautifully and suits my skin tone safely. I need a very less amount of the powder on the applicator. It stays for 5 hours even on my oily eye lids. It is very pigmented. It’s a great colour for all. The catch is that the doe end applicator is difficult to use. And when I place the applicator a lot of powder flies here and there on the insertion. And not to forget, its powder so there is a lot of fall out. But over all verdict, I love the colour. The catalogue shows it to be a lighter golden colour eye shadow but its not, its brown and coppery
Avon Eyeshadow
It comes with a eye liner pencil. Now what should I say about these eye pencils. Disgusting is the only word that comes to my mind. The pencil along with eye shadow is supposed to be complementing the colour. It’s a yellow golden colour. The pencil is tiny and is difficult to hold between the fingers.

Avon Eyeshadow

The wood quality used is awful. It does not sharpen. It crumbles on application. Its waxy an gooey. It does not have colour. It does not look good with this eye shadow colour, it is impossible to apply it on our gentle lash line. Safely, you can just toss it in the bin.

Next colour is princess wink:

Avon Eyeshadow
I know it’s a weird pink but I did not have any powder eye shadow so I had to buy this. It blends well and is good for parties. Although the catalogue shows the eye pencil along with it to be pink, the pencil I got was black. It was disgusting, not sharpened when I opened it, could not even see the tip. The catalogue shows some other pink colour of the eye pencil which I find very strange. Nevertheless the pencil is so tiny that a little sharpening will be the end of it. So I am not going to use it. There is fall out with this pink colour too but it’s a very pretty pink shimmer colour to mix and match with other colours. Ignore the eye pencil is what I say.

Last one is goddess wink:

Avon Eyeshadow
It bright medium blue powder eyes shadow. Again, blends well, there is fall out. It comes with a navy blue eye pencil which is smooth for a change but is super crumbly; I will use this pencil only out of the three as it does have some colour in it. I am not sure it goes with the eye powder though.

Last word:
Not worth the money if you look at the pencils, I can say you can buy it for the powder eye shadow. The angel wink is a very beautiful colour. You can safely trust my opinion on the angel wink one. Rest two, I cannot recommend, as they are bright. The pencils are disgusting and make the whole packaging a joke. The size of the pencil it self is a joke. The catalogue mentions lining eyes with these and using the eye shadow colour with it. You can buy the pink and the blue colour if you are really keen on buying a shimmer pink and blue colour. Do check out angel wink. πŸ™‚


55 thoughts on “Avon Eyeshadows Review, Photos and Swatches

  1. Wow… What a disappointment!!! But a gr8 review.. Loving the blue a lot.. :inlove: :inlove:

    Hey neha, if you love loose powder shadows, try maybelline!!! They have gr8 shade range and a felt tip applicator… πŸ™‚ :-))

    I think I should review it… I love it too much… :inlove:
    .-= Mrunmayee´s last blog ..Grand giveaway at IMBB!!!! =-.

    1. :blush: thanks
      oh if u were here i wouyld have gifted u the blue one :-))
      becoz i am just unable to figure out how to use it… :hypnotized:
      oh yes i saw maybelline has AMAZING shades but i think i was broke when i saw those
      they will be better in Quality tho
      but since u said i will def pick up a nuetral from them Mrun

  2. Size of some Avon products are like “playthings”..when I first say the simply pretty swirl gloss (Rs 149)..my mouth went a big :pain: ..n I ended up askin the Avon lady whether she has given me a sample /tester pack!!! Same for the mini kajal I ordered this time..I guess only the high end products of Avon (price above 300 bucks) are worth trying coz the simply pretty range is bound to give more :pain: and :-((

    1. i agree
      i have that kajal and swirl in champagne
      Sick is the word for them
      anu if u are not reveiwing them should i do the service and save money of frenz here
      That kajal and gloss is a joke

  3. Those pencils look beaten. πŸ˜›

    I am not a catalogue shopper , as of now. But the speed at which I am asking for the catalogs guess I would would be joining the gang. πŸ˜›

    Packaging is cute…

    1. i had a hard time sharpening them
      they are usable if u sharpen them
      but the color in the catalogue with that pink one is wrongly shown in the catlogue
      who cares they are stupid anyway :-((

      BTW what catalogues have u got now?

      1. Oriflame… trying to keep it as far away from me as I can.. :rotfl:

        have you used any hand cream from them? I am planning to give that a try.

        1. yup :-((
          i have a lot of hand creams (plz dont laugh)
          shall i reveiw
          i tried the swedish spa, apricot one and some more
          but they are good rati
          on the lines of marks and spencer and the packaging etc are good
          and some of them are very fast absorbing
          if i reveiw 3 or 4 here will i be sent to the asylum? :-((

          1. why would i laugh neha. I know you so well by now. :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

            Please do the reviews. I am hunting for a good hnad cream wanted to pick one from TBS but they were out of stock. Now I am back to square one . πŸ™

  4. I have too ordered for eye pencils & lip pencils from Avon. In a fix now to cancel it or not :-/
    I think you should complain about the eye pencil you got along with the pink e/s if that’s not the color shown in the catalogue.Colors cannot vary to extent that they give black instead of pink eyepencil.
    Btw, the blue eyeshadow looks really pretty πŸ™‚

    1. hmmmm u are rite insiya…but such a bother
      may be i shd make a call
      insiya what pencils have u ordered
      some twist ups are bad as well
      some are good cant say
      can i help if want to save money

    1. hey insiya i have been using the avon glimmerstick eye pencils in brown & grey. n have to say these are really very good. so need not worry much…..
      U can check the review…

  5. I am not too comfortable shpng from the catalogue without actually having seen the product in life before buying….

    Thanks for this post…we atleast know wht to stay away from…

    Though I found the concept quite interesting

  6. ordered this denim collection eye pencil, one more in turquoise, 2 lip pencils & this nail polish quick dry spray.let’s see how it turns out 😐

    1. oh the denim one is very good and pigmented
      and my twist up lip pencils are good as well (in true red and rich ginger)
      go for it!

  7. hi u know i bought the Angel wink, not tried yet but very excited….
    i just waved the agent bye n came back to check IMMB & what a coincidence i saw ur review…
    thank god!!!! i bought the 1st shade i hv to repent otherwise… :-))

  8. @Neha: Surely u must review the kajal n swirl here..I just bought the kajal koz it promised me a purple color..which is pretty rare to find..(I kept 95% chance of disappointment assurance in my mind tho..)..and it exceeded my expectations πŸ˜€ ..99% disappointment!!! But ya..I also got a nail brittleness solver and the Avon supershock mascara which cooled me off a bit..

    1. :rotfl: anu
      i must not waste anymore time and review those funny kajals
      i had no idea so many of us are avon users
      my blunders will help a lot for catalogue shopping 😐

  9. Hey Neha, i have placed an order for avon simply pretty lippies , i have my fingers crossed now. can you do a post on all avon lippies that u have ?

    1. hi dia
      i have heck lot :blush:
      can u name what u have ordered ..i may have
      meanwhile check out the avon section at imbb
      i recently reviewed 5 simply pretty lippies…..which i like πŸ™‚
      also they have an amazing one TWIG in the ultra rich lipsticks…twig is my fav

  10. When I saw the swatch [3rd pic] I was like wow!!!! But after seeing the broken pencil pics and ur review.. offfff no I am not getting this for sure. Thanks for the review Neha πŸ™‚

    1. swirl is minnniiii
      there are amazing gloss reveiws here sonia
      do check them out
      and the angel wink is good if u plan to buy πŸ™‚

    2. Try Maybelline Color Sensational ones (@ rs 250)..gr8 colors and staying power..the streetwear crystal shines are good in colors but r pretty watery and doesnt stay for long..colorbar too has got good shades..check reviews here πŸ™‚

  11. Thanx Rati!! I just got the prunella from Colorbar yesterday [after reading bout it here :-)) ]..its amazing.. it looks more beautiful as a shadow than a liner..lovin it :-* ..and its better than Maybelline Eye studio in its depth of color..

    @Neha: I landed up in catalog shopping coz its pretty exciting..and AVON is supposed to be the most used brand in UK..I dunno..sumday I may have to write an “open letter” to AVON people like Wanderlust did bout maybelline 😎

  12. Anuradha,

    I have never been a fan of eye studio pencils and I finish up colorbar ones like nobody’s business. πŸ˜› My prunella is soon getting over.Time to purchase the new one. Glad you liked it. :))

  13. i hve used the angel wink and its really awesome ,thanks for reweing the avon products i have colorlast lipstick of cherry jubile,mauve delight.
    and a lipliner and lipgloss duo princess kiss(its dark)
    eye defining pencil metallic blue(really good)
    lip gloss glazewear shine (good).
    true color eyeshadow duo (light and easy to apply)
    can u tell me some good hand whitening cream.

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