Avon Feeling Fresh Satin Anti Perspirant Review

Avon Feeling Fresh Satin Anti Perspirant

Avon Feeling Fresh Satin Anti-Perspirant Formula Deodorant is a light, citrus scented roll-on deodorant which soothes, calms and relieves underarm irritation caused by plucking or shaving.

Avon Feeling Fresh Satin Anti Perspirant

It contains:
• Aloe vera – for its soothing and moisturising properties.
• Chamomile – for its soothing and calming benefits.
• Cucumber – for its soothing and cleansing properties.
• Oat Flour – for its soothing and relief of skin irritation.
• Witch hazel – for its astringent properties.

I was looking for a good Anti-perspirant though I am not fond of using roll-on’s, I didn’t have much choice. So, I went back looking for good roll-on’s, that is when Neha suggested me this anti-perspirant that was on clearance sale. Also, she told me this was a good one. Without having any second thoughts, I ordered this anti-perspirant in Satin.

I always go for fresh and fruity variants especially when it comes to deos and roll-on’s, but this time I wanted to try something different. After debating a lot between the lime/lemon variant and Satin, finally I went with Satin. The smell is still fresh and good and I don’t regret getting the Satin version.


I got this 50 ml anti-perspirant for just Rs. 59, whose MRP is Rs. 99.

This 50 ml bottle is so tiny that it fits into our palms and thus into my makeup pouch. When I use it soon after my bath, the fresh fragrance is soothing and calming and trust me, the fragrance lasts the whole day until I go to bed !!! Since the bottle is tiny [50 ml], I don’t think it will last long, but still I feel it is worth the price.

The purple packaging is attractive and the shape of the roll-on makes it easy to handle during application. They have many variants, but I chose Satin randomly.

I am not sure whether it helps irritation, but it does feels good when the cold liquid spreads on the skin, especially after a shave, it gives a soothing feeling. At the same time, I think all deos have the same cold effect. The only difference being the presence of aloe vera, chamomile, cucumber and oat flour all that helps the skin.



• Smells very good.
• It gives chillness as soon as applied and I think it helps in irritation.
• Smell lasts really really long.
• Worth the money.
• Tiny bottle is easy to handle.
• Neat and sturdy packaging.
• Many variants available.


• Availability is restricted only through consultants.
• Best deal while offer time.



Would I Repurchase?

Yes, I would like to try other variants too.

It did help reduce perspiration significantly and I was very glad, but my hubby said it is not good to use anti-perspirants as that will block the sweat glands, which is not at all good. I am not sure about this. Do you girls have any idea about this? Do you think anti-perspirants are bad for the skin and our health? Please share.

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  1. i hav 1 like this… same price n qty :woot: :woot: … but nvr saw it in catalog coz me too want to try other varients ?:) .. its really gud for the price.. gr8 review aarthi.. :yahoo: :yahoo:

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