Avon Glimmersticks Eye Liner New Shades, Photos, Swatches

Avon Glimmersticks Eye Liner New Shades, Photos and Swatches:

Emerald, Saturn grey, bronze glow, blue flare and majestic plum

So here is another crazy Avon post. Something that has been talked of a lot on IMBB. The twist up eye pencils by Avon called Glimmersticks.These are those rare catalogue shopping items that I have found true to the colour shown in the brochure. I had bought these randomly, not at one go but just thought I will include a collective swatch of these for comparison in case our readers are wondering which one to pick up. I love all of these although many may be over the top colours, I don’t mind.

AVon Glimmersticks
AVon Glimmersticks

Description: avon gimmersticks eye liner
These are regular twist up ones with pointed tip to start off with but with use they get rounded. The same old problem with all twist ups. The quantity is 0.28 gramsand the colors depicted on the pack is quite accurate as well. With avon, I have always seen that quality varies within the same type of product (if u read my post on avon eye shadows. U may know). The swatches may not show the same unless u see them in real. All these are made in china. Refer the website for the prices, I really have forgotten but should be around 200 INR each. πŸ™‚ these will stay for long and don’t transfer to the eye lids unless u have oily eye lids. these look exactly like the avon lip pencils in packaging etc. the bronze glow one would actually be confused with the rich ginger lip pencil. Lol same colours actually. These five shades cover most of the available ones but avon representatives will be able to better help u with any other shades available. I think there is a midnight blue also available in these. Check out the website for more☺

I will start with my favourite:

AVon Glimmersticks
AVon Glimmersticks

Saturn grey:
It’s a matte grey colour with very mild shimmer which does not show up much. that I totally love, its very decent for every day wear and I feel grey would suit a lot of Indian skin tones, especially those who carry kajal beautifully. Try replacing black with grey for ur eyes, the effect is very pretty yet subtle. I would say it’s pretty smooth and can be worn on the lower lash line but not water line. These are not kohl as far as I know.

My second favourite is
majestic plum: this colour is true to its name. it’s a beautiful dark purple and very smooth, goes on completely matte. Its fun to match it with outfits instead of lippers for a change.

saturn grey, majestic plum, blue flare, bronze glow, emerald
saturn grey, majestic plum, blue flare, bronze glow, emerald

Bronze glow:
This one is really smooth and is frosted just as bronze would be. Looks very beautiful on fair skin tones without dark circles (unfortunately. I do have dark circles so it shows up very subtle. πŸ™‚

Blue flare:
This one totally metallic and very little will also show up a lot. It came out with the denim collection in avon. Its very bright blue metallic and very smooth on application. Love it. But slightly over the top ☺


It’s a true green colour, very smooth and slightly shimmery but definitely not over the top. Would look amazing with hazel eyes(try fresh look colored contact in pure hazel) (tell me if u need pictures of those lenses)

I have no complaints with these. But curious people like me would open the whole pencil up and end up breaking it(I donno why I always do that to twist up pencils just for a better full view. I have already broken Saturn grey in the process. It was my favourite . πŸ™

As for the fact that avon qaulity really varies within the same type of product. I believe that Saturn grey was most crumbly and draggy. Blue flare was smoothest in the lot. the remaining ones, bronze glow and emerald were comparatively smooth. Plum was again slightly crumbly. May be it has to do with the matte or metallic or frosted texture of the pencils. I don’t know. But we have to careful with these not to open up much because these may not be strong enough to hold the pressure. I say Saturn grey is the safest colour u won’t regret buying. Nest is bronze glow. These are worth the money I paid and don’t regret buying these at all.

The only catch is that if u are very fond of sharpened pencil tips (like me ) and fine eye lining, these may not fare well as these will get rounded with five times of usage owing to the smooth texture. Chamber twist up pencils have a sharpener attached at the bottom so try picking up for all your twist up pencils. It really helps.

IMBB rating: * :-*:-*:-*:-*(can’t give 5 because obviously these are not THE best out there. But for the money, I would def repurchase many more)


46 thoughts on “Avon Glimmersticks Eye Liner New Shades, Photos, Swatches

      1. hi niharika! i live in bangalore. i’m actually new in bangalore. i’m so interested to buy some avon products but i don’t know how!..
        can you or anybodody tell me how to buy from avon, any avon stores or something?

        thank u! πŸ™‚

  1. My fav fav fav pencils..I have the darker blue..starry night blue…black, brown, green..and my favorite is majestic plum. I wanted that light blue you have but never find it when I want :-(( Hehehheheee..and I broke the green pencil that way..twisted it out completely to check what the length is :pain: :pain:

      1. ANd then she was using makeup remover to clean the floor of her house..she was giving me tips on how useful makeup remover is a floor cleanser. :rotfl:

      1. There is an option on the Avon india website if you are looking for a rep..just fill in a form and the Avon rep will contact you. You might find someone useful that way, and like Anuradha, if you get lucky you might get home delivery too πŸ˜€

        1. sahiiiiiii..thanks!!! :-* :-* :-* ..Will have a look..BTW, I recently got myself enrolled for Oriflame ..he he..me an oriflame consultant now!! πŸ˜› πŸ˜› πŸ˜›

  2. HI Neha..Nice review..I just love the Avon glimmersticks..recently got the glimmersticks Diamonds in black n blue..I dont think any brand has got such pretty+sparkling+retractable eyeliners at so low a price (1 for Rs 179!!!! and these are long enough to last at least a year!!!!) :-* πŸ™‚

    @Galz who are searching for AVON representatives : Try putting a search in sulekha.com, justdial and quickr with “Avon Representative” for your respective areas..Avon reps usually put up an ad there..else contact Avon customer care visiting their site ..I found mine who delivers my pretties at my doorstep :inlove: :beauty:

  3. I recently bought this cute two sided eye pencils “Aladdin and Yasmine” from Oriflame.. :-D..Really pretty shades!! πŸ™‚

  4. I also got 2 Avon diamond glimmersticks -Midnight blue n black ice this week itself for 300/- coz they were on an offer.. Midnight blue is a darker shade of blue n so is black.. both r more glittery though than the swatches u put on here neha..i just tried them once till nw to chk out how they luk n i was really impressed by the overall effect :beauty: .. mine r easy to glide on,no probs with the color n glitter effect :yes: .. perfect so liking them.. :-))

  5. i wanttt!!! the grey is my favourite!! but i want midnight blue grey green sparkle-y black and blue and khaki. πŸ˜› and all! :D:D

  6. love LOve LOVE the second, third and fifth.
    Man, I can’t believe these are 200 bucks each….pretty amazing I say πŸ˜€

  7. Hey Neha,,,,,,I just got this from Sush….they are wonderful…I got Black Ice one and it has one more additional feature in it and that is glitter……the stick has glitter which spreads out on to the lid…. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ …its Rs. 175….I liked it too, Neha :-)) :-))

  8. nice swatches. I have the one in Blue Flare its not as bright as yours though πŸ˜• it’s more like a royal blue color which looks nice when applied. will get hold of majestic plum now πŸ™‚

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