Avon Little Black Dress Body Spray and Lip Balm Review

AVON: Little Black Dress Perfumed Body Spray & Lip Balm in peach -Review

Hello ladies, last week I bought a few new products from Avon & hereby reviewing two of them with you all.

*AVON: Little Black Dress Perfumed Body Spray*
Little Black Dress Body Spray
I’m always seeking out new ways to express myself, and fragrance is the perfect opportunity to share my originality and confidence with my friends and colleagues. Thus I decided to add a new fragrance to my collection and thought to give Avon Little Black Dress Perfumed Body Spray a shot.

I have never ordered any of the Avon perfumes before but the name of this one really caught my interest. It has a sweet but sexy name so I bought it. To describe, it has very fresh flowery and very sweet smell . I would call it sophisticated and sexy and I think that its name matches it perfectly. It really smells lovely. This body spray comes in 150ml bottle, which is cylindrical structured. It is a shiny black color bottle and has a square on the front where the title of the spray is written. The lettering is in white and gold. It looks very classy  just like its name.

Ok,So how does this smell?  It doesn’t have any fresh or fruity smell l but has heavy musky, jasmine scent to it. I like its smell because it is not heavy and it can be worn at any time day or night and for every occasion. Although it works well if you want to apply it in the morning before work but it’s also great to use for an evening outing, rather it is little more suitable for the night than for the day, in my opinion. The scent starts moderately strong but it softens pretty quickly into a nice, sustained, classy fragrance that takes hours to completely fade away.
Little Black Dress Body Spray

Its Price: It s priced at 259/- for 150 ml but for this month an offer is going on so it cost me 199/-

Variants: It is also available in form of

  • Perfumes
  • Shower gel

Little Black Dress Body Spray


  • The fragrance is good and long lasting.
  • The packaging is very classy and neat.
  • Can be easily slipped into handbags for any time application.
  • A little goes a long way. I generally use in the morning before going out & believe me the fragrance lingers the whole day.
  • Finally, the best thing about Avon’s Little Black Dress Body spray is the price. It costs a fraction of the price of similar high-end perfumes.
  • Does not break me out at all.


  • I couldn’t find any.


For those of us who just want a nice, classy perfume to wear on any occasion, this one is perfect. Avon’s Little Black Dress Body spray is the perfect example of a scent that holds up in spite of its low price.

*AVON: Lip Balm in peach *

Little Black Dress Body Spray
The second product that I brought from Avon is the lip balm. Honestly speaking, I was not a fan of the lip balms but ever since I became an avid follower on IMBB & reading so much from Neha, Rati & others I became quite inclined to balms & I finally ended up buying one.

This one is from the Avon Naturals collections, and it comes in a few different flavors- my favorite being peach. The shape of it is a stick, just like most other types of lip balms come in. The design on it is fairly basic- a small picture of the fruit with words labeling what the product is. It is a bit more solid textured, so it does not smear as easily. It is also not at all sticky, which I really like. After applying it, my lips feel smooth with a slight taste of peach on them, although the flavor lasts only  for 10 to 15 mins. I do believe that if I kept using only this product on a daily basis, my lips would become a lot smoother, especially if I left it on over night. I really like this product, and I even prefer it over any other type of non-medicated flavored lip gloss I could find in a store…

I have not used other brands Lip balms so actually cannot compare it, but can say I really liked this brand of flavored lip balm.

Avon Lip Balm- Peach

Its Price: It s priced at 79/- for 4 grams.

Variants: it is available in 6 different flavors.

  • Lemon
  • Green tea
  • Strawberry
  • Aloe
  • Peach
  • Almond & milk.

Avon Lipbalm in Peach
Avon Lipbalm in Peach Pros:

  • This liked this lip balm because it gives a luscious look to my lips.
  • Avon lip balm is neither sticky nor gummy.
  • The peach flavor of Avon lip balm is my favorite. There is really no need to use lip gloss when I apply it.
  • 6 different flavors’ are available to select from and they smell fantastic. One of my biggest complaints about lip balms is the artificial smell. These lip balms has a very true fruity scent that does not smell artificial and it is not overpowering.
  • It also leaves your lips very soft and smooth & also prevents dry and chapped lips


  • Not any.


Avon naturals lip balm gets a :-* :-*:-*:-*:-* rating from me. Also I will repurchase it and recommend others to give them a try.


27 thoughts on “Avon Little Black Dress Body Spray and Lip Balm Review

  1. I remember I used to have this tiny tub of Avon Lip Balm during my college days. Used to love it so much. I haven’t used it in long time now but i do remember that Avon’s lip blam used to favourite among us. Later all of us switched to Lotus because that was easily available. I relate to that true fruity flavour that you mentioned. These look cute.

    Welcome to the lip balm loving gang. 😉

    1. lip balm loving gang he he…..im one of u now… :-))
      yeah these r so cute bt effective na.im using it regularly now n just loving it.. :inlove: :inlove:
      which one ws ur favourite rati?? ?:-)
      eyeing 4 the other flavours too.. :inlove:

    2. Oh man Rati I know exactly what you are talkign about. I had a tiny tub in strawberry that used give such beautiful tint and shine..I would love to find it again somewhere 🙂

  2. i have the avon lip balm in cherry/strawberry but i simply hate it. it has this saccharine sweet yet acrid taste. after a while it feels bitter. also, when i apply this underneath a lipstick, it literally separates and threads. i use it occasionally when i want a subtly hot pink tint (if that makes any sense!) on my lips.
    a friend of mine is an ardent admirer of the LBD perfume, not the deo, and i always end up using it whenever i meet her. smells quite nice and the price is decent too. i suppose the deo would be pretty similar. 🙂

    1. hey rima,sad it didn’t worked for u… im using it for the last 1 weak & its just fine no irritating smell. no bitter taste.. nothing… oh yes n not glummy tooo…. :-))
      the peach one doesnt impart any color to the lip.. :blush:
      LBD body spray is great..the agent told me it is similar.. but the scent is a little strong na…. ?:-)

      1. yes a little goes a long way. i personally prefer strong men’s perfumes/colognes/aftershaves. in fact, i asked my boyfriend to get me a bottle of his favourite aftershave so that i can sniff it whenever i like. 😀 but keeping in mind the noses of the women around me, i don’t use it on myself. 🙂

        1. correctly mentioned rima men collections are stong but some of them r worth buying coz of thr staying power.
          sniff it whenever u like he he :laugh: “what an idea madamji”.. 😯

  3. few days back, had got ds avon lil black dress for maself aswell though i used to use it in ma skool days…. n i still love it….

    1. did u… what is ur view.. i m simply loving it..also is it quite long lasting . :-))
      Although the initial strong scent wore off a bit, it didn’t wear off that much. I would say if you are just wanting a subtle scent then even just spraying this once would give a bit of a smell. 😀 :yes:

  4. Heyy..was waitin for this review coz its really difficult to order Avon perfumes with no way to know how they smell…goinna order it next time (but this time there was a freebie offer of a simply pretty nailcolor widdis aint it??) I wud also want to try Jet Femme from Avon..the representative gave me a scented leaflet of it..and whoa..it smells like OMG!!! and i kept it in my purse..the smell has lasted strongly for over a month!!!! :inlove: . It is priced at Rs 699 and this time there wasan offer of an Avon Ultra color rich lipstick widit..

    1. hi anu,,, u r right dear !! it just slipped out of my mind. thx for sharing..
      yes there is a freebie with the LBD body spray. the got one nail paint from the simply preety collection & bought two other too..Will b revewing it soon… :-))
      the perfumes are amazing na…ucan get the sample within the Brochure itself..it makes easy to judge..so u r geting the jet one.. pls share ur experiance… :-))

    2. Hi…….I am using Jet Femme perfume these days. It is simply awesome and so long lasting. I also bought their Spotlight perfume this month, since I am an Avon rep. Every time I get LBD & want to keep it for myself, it gets sold!

  5. I have used this lil black dress few yrs bk.. I really loved it inspite of the smell being musky 🙂 I like their lip balms too 🙂

  6. hi aarthi,, u know ther isn offer going on this month so got it for only 199/- me happy 😀 😀
    which one is ur favourite balm?

    u know i was called the agent to get the balm & landed up buying 4/5 products from Avon..

    1. hi sonia,i agree the smell is too good & adorable.try out the spray u sure will like it..
      yet to try the lipies from avon.how r they???

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