Avon Little Black Dress Eau de Parfum Review

Little black dress eau de parfum by Avon-review

Today I am going to review Avon’s little black dress eau de parfum.There is a whole range of shower gel, skin softener, body talc, body spray and the perfume. I have been using the body talc from this range since childhood and I must admit that I quite liked the fragrance and so did my mum, my sis, my aunt. This was my elder sister’s HG body talc for years.

avon little black dress perfume

So when I grew up, I wanted to try other things from the range. In the month of December it was on a discounted price; so I went ahead and bought it. I have been using it since then and now I am ready to review this. If you guys like it after reading the review, I think its again on discount in the current catalogue, so its on a price even lower than at what I bought it.

Now to the fragrance

Little Black Dress by Avon is a Oriental fragrance for women. Little Black Dress was launched in 2001. Top notes are cyclamen, coriander, African ginger, jasmine and apricot blossom; middle notes are gardenia, , ylang-ylang and pink peony; base notes are sandalwood, Tonka bean, musk and Japanese plum.

PRICE: Rs.799/-FOR 50 ML. I got it for 540/- after 20% discount

avon little black dress perfume


The perfume at first surprised me. The fragrance of the talc is quite strong and when I smelled the perfume which I was expecting to be stronger or atleast strong equal enough to the talc, I found the perfume to be on the milder side. It is a light but amazing scent. It’s pretty and classy. The woodiness added a more classic aspect to the perfume which I liked and which made it feel much more grown up. The muskiness is the last aspect of the fragrance to vanish, and it’s a nice enough, quite warming and sophisticated aroma. I have a friend that buys this for 7 years, so she definitely loves it. The smell of this is oriental and floral. It is a classic combination of sparkling honeysuckle, jasmine, sandalwood and cashmere musk.
Although I do think you can definitely tell that this is a women’s perfume, and not a man’s, I don’t think it is very girly. It is more sophisticated.

avon little black dress perfume

In terms of appearance, Little Black Dress is very understated, coming in a pretty plain black cardboard box, and the clear glass bottle itself is very simple in its design, with clean lines that make a nice change from some of Avon’s cheaper looking perfumes, which I assume are aimed at a younger market. Overall, although the boxy-looking bottle isn’t amazingly well designed, it’s nice enough and I don’t have a problem with this on my dressing table.

avon little black dress perfume

I don’t wear this every day, because I don’t know; I don’t feel like doing that. I prefer it for evening and night outs. This can get boring if used every day. So it is great for occasions but I won’t want it for daily wear. Again, as with most Avon perfumes, the staying power is not particularly great with Little Black Dress. It lasts longer than some Avon perfumes, staying for around 2-3 hours on my skin before it needs reapplication, but if you didn’t reapply, the scent would be gone completely shortly after. Still, on an evening though, I find that this is such a nice scent that I don’t mind reapplying, but at end of day I can smell it out of my clothes, I guess my nose becomes refractory to it or it gets very light.

For the price, particularly if you can get it on offer, it’s a very good buy and I can recommend this fragrance. This is definitely recommended for classic women, which like Chanel No 5, Oriflame Eclat (similar to this one, really). It is like a modern No 5 with no aldehydes, just a little rose and jasmine and soft vanilla and woods. Sexy, wearable anytime, anywhere. It does smell expensive when it really isn’t.
So that’s all. Hope you like the review.

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26 thoughts on “Avon Little Black Dress Eau de Parfum Review

  1. hi kanika…
    i m glad 2 c eview for little black dress here… i m usthis since one n a 1/2 yrs now… i like its smell but i do face problems with its lasting ! 🙁
    i love its smell so much dat i wish i cud show it off to others but sadly it doesnt last even dat long ..

  2. I own everything from this range…..I layer it and the smell is divine.
    Infact I am wearing it right now….. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
    The roll on, talc, deo, skin softner and perfume…..I so love the fragrance. When you layer it the fragrance stays for longer. Its cheaper than other perfumes I own so this is my HG for everyday use….. :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:
    Great review Kanika :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo:

  3. hi kanika… nice review… i too had this perfume with me long back…. it was a very small cute bottle… but till today i have’nt forgotten its smelll….its so classy kind of :jiggy1:

  4. Great review Kanika! :)) :)) I want this and it’s just too bad that this as well as Little White Dress isn’t available where I am.

  5. great review kanika. I always wanted to check this one out.. but you cant get fragrances from catalogues na.. but you review made me confident! 🙂

  6. This is my fav perfume in Avon 🙂 Nice to see this bottle after a v long time 🙂 I started loving Avon fragrances after trying this one.

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