Avon Naturals Cucumber and Melon Liquid Hand Soap Review

Avon Naturals Cucumber and Melon Liquid Hand Soap Review

Hi all,

Today I am going to review one of my impulsive purchases, though it was impulsive yet i do not regret buying it. It is Avon naturals cucumber and melon hand soap. It was launched last month by Avon and it had 30% off :pompom: on it as special introductory discount. I cudn’t refrain myself from buying it as I was bored off the Dettol hand wash which has been used in my house since ages so I ordered it instantly. Also this hand soap contains melon and cucumber and i use a lot of cucumber in my home made beauty therapies, so i took the plunge without thinking much. Lets take a detailed review of the same.

Avon Naturals Cucumber Melon Hand Soap

What the bottle says?
Formulaed with cucumber and melon extract, this hand soap reduces germs as it cleanses. Gentle, moisturising formula. Dermatologically tested.

How to use:
Pump up a generous amount onto hands, add water and work into lather for atleast 15 seconds. Rinse. Dry hands thoroughly.

Price/ Packaging/Quantity
The original cost is 199 INR for 200 ml, this month it was on offer so i got it for INR 135. It comes in a c-green colour plastic tube which has a white pump dispenser. It also has the puicture of cucumber slices on it which gives it a cool and summery effect, infact the colour of the bottle is quite soothing to the eyes.

Avon Naturals Cucumber Melon Hand Soap

My take on the product
First things first, this is one of the hand soaps which i bought at the spur of the moment but have been loving since then. As I have already mentioned it comes in a cute c-green coloured bottle, the hand wash inside has no colour though it can’t be called colourless as the transparent liquid has a green tinge to it. Not much quantity is required to clean the hands thoroughly. To take out the liquid, you just have to press the dispenser from the top which seems to be strong and sturdy.

Now moving on to the fragrance part, as the name suggest it has cucumber and melon in it, so it should smell like them only. Though I could smell the melon( I sniffed for 2 minutes actually to find out), i cudnt smell cucumber, anyways cucumber has a very mild fragrance so expecting tons of it in the hand soap was something not done. The fragrance of melons was quite overpowering though not at all to my dislike. The hand soap does not lather much and the consistency of the gel is also quite thick. It comes off easily with little water and 1 minute of rinse is enough to feel clean hands.

The fragrance lingers for 5-10 minutes after washing hands and starts to vanish thereafter. My hands don’t feel moisturised but neither do they feel dry after washing with this hand soap. It is quite gentle on the hands and does the job of cleaning quite effectively.

swatch handwash

Pros Of Avon Naturals Cucumber and Melon Hand Soap

1. It smells quite fresh of the musk melon.
2. It is dermatologically tested.
3. Does not contain parabens.
4. A light and a gentle hand wash.

Cons of Avon Naturals Cucumber and Melon Hand Soap

1. You need to get it through a representative only.
2. Quite expensive for the quantity( Dettol hand wash is cheaper)
3. People who don’t like musk melon, will find the smell not so pleasant.

IMBB Rating
4 .5 out of 5

Will I repurchase?
Yes, if i find it on offer again.

Have you used  Avon Naturals Cucumber and Melon Hand Soap ? please rate in the box below.

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40 thoughts on “Avon Naturals Cucumber and Melon Liquid Hand Soap Review

  1. I was thinking of buying their shower gel and body lotion but thought someone from IMBB will surely review one of these from the range, then i will buy, and I am got it !! :yahoo: Very nice review!This month its again on offer ! :thumbsup: :thanks:

  2. i guess i’ll stick with dettol handwash only. Sanjeev would def have issues if the entire 100 % bathroom is stocked with all girly things. As it is our bathroom already looks like “my” personal bathroom than his. :tongue:

    1. hey cali…. hi :puchhi: :puchhi: open the khaata fasshhtt fasshhttt, they have some really nice products :))

  3. good stuff from Avon but thank god no distributor from Avon around else i would have bought that too 🙂

    I am so bored and depressed. :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: .everyone doing something with their lives, ppl moving to other places, new jobs, stuff happening. mera routine same jagah mein ruki hui hai :waaa: :waaa: :waaa: :waaa:

      1. seriously na? kya kare!!! i do have a vacation coming up but I am already thinking ki after that what???? actually its more depressig to see great stuff happening to other ppl and nothing happening here. 😕

        but cheers to us..same boat atleast :cheers:

        1. Arae u only think of ur vacation abhi, njy it to the fullest, am sure once u r bak, u will enjoy ur work…… but ya we are sailing in the same boredome boat 😥

    1. aruna same here.. my sundays are no more fundays. 😛 i dont even remember when i took a full day off .. like no computer , no calls nothing.

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          1. Sirf Kaajal se kahan chalta he aaj kal, you buy chanel and Mac stuff, me dont have a single one from there ! So me shop from sasta and tikaoo brand ! 😀

  4. I was planning to buy but waited for a review. Now I know I should get this. I was so tempted with the cucumber and melon….sounded so fresh fresh :toothygrin:

    1. Manali jinal and ankita both are the representatives in mumbai, may be u can visit ankita’s blog which is corallista dot com n contact her 🙂 sorry i dnt have jinal’s details

      1. Hi Manali,
        I’m an Avon rep in Mumbai as Shivani mentioned above 🙂 Just follow the blog link below and drop me a mail..my email is given on my blog.

  5. Thanks fr reviewing Shivani..I have never tried Melon n cucumber smelling products before and it sounds very refreshing!! Its still on offer..thinking of trying it out..!

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