AVON Naturals Cucumber & Melon Shower Gel

AVON Naturals Cucumber & Melon Shower Gel

Avon recently launched Naturals Cucumber & Melon, ‘An incredibly fresh and hydrating bath and body range’, it’s a new addition to their Naturals range.

The new Naturals Cucumber and Melon range offers –
a) Naturals Hand Soap Cucumber & Melon
b) Naturals Body Lotion Cucumber & Melon
c) Naturals Shower Gel Cucumber & Melon

I bought the Naturals Shower Gel Cucumber & Melon and I will be reviewing that now 🙂


What the Product Says: This refreshing shower gel leaves skin cleansed and conditioned. It also maintains skin’s natural moisture. Conditions, soothes and moisturizes skin with naturally inspired pampering fragrances.

Formula contains:

Cucumber extract: known for its refreshing, cooling, soothing and hydrating properties

Melon extract: known to contain potassium and vitamin C


Quantity – 200 ml

Price – Rs. 120

It’s available on 25% discount this month. 1 for rs. 99 and 2 for rs. 179.

How to Use: Squeeze a small amount onto wet washcloth or sponge, or directly onto palm of hand. Work into creamy leather.Rinse thoroughly. Use daily



Swatch: Here’s the swatch of the product. It has a very runny consistency.


My take on the product: Product stands up to what it claims. It doesn’t dry out my skin at all (I’ve normal to dry skin). It maintains my skin’s moisture. It cleans well, gives a fresh feeling and the bottle will easily last me for 1-1.5 month

It smells like cucumber. Well I don’t mind the smell, but it’s not one of my favourite fragrances that I would want myself to smell like. Although the smell doesn’t linger for long, thankfully.

There’s a slight slippery feeling after bath, but not something to worry about.

It has runny consistency, so at times I end up wasting the product.

Pros of Avon Naturals Cucumber & Melon Shower Gel:

  • Delivers what it claims, leaves my skin moisturized. 🙂 Leaves my skin smooth and soft.
  • Lather is mild, not too creamy. So can be used by oily skin types as well :).
  • Will suit most of the skin types.
  • Gives a cleaned and fresh feeling after the bath.
  • Rs.120 for 200ml doesn’t hurt pocket at all, and if bought on discounts it’s cheaper.
  • It has a flip-flop cap, which is very travel friendly. 🙂
  • It does not require a lot of quantity. Even though it has a runny consistency and I spill the product at times, but still it will last me for 1.5 month.
  • Avon products are not tested on animals :)) :))

CONS of Avon Naturals Cucumber & Melon Shower Gel

  • It’s an Avon product so can only be available through a representative.
  • I prefer transparent packaging, so that I know how much amount is left.
  • It has a runny consistency, most of the times I spill out more product from the bottle than required. 🙁
  • I don’t want to smell like cucumbers 😐 (can be a Pro for those who like the smell)

Overall verdict: Well it’s an average shower gel and very cheap when bought on discounts! 😀 Those who like to smell like cucumber can go for it 😉

Rating: star: :star: :star: +0.5

Would I Repurchase? NO. I already have two of them and after I finish with them I would like to try other shower gels available in the market 🙂

Would I Recommend? Those who like cucumber fragrance should definitely try this range 🙂 Use the moisturizer after the bath and the smell would linger for long.

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16 thoughts on “AVON Naturals Cucumber & Melon Shower Gel

  1. I look cucumber frgrance a lot!! Very good review, so teo products already reviwed ! :toothygrin: Can anyone please review the cucumber melon body lotion??? I will buy this !

  2. Thanks Taps 🙂 :thanks:

    yep two products from this range have been reviewed 😀
    definitely go for it, you’ll like it for sure :))

    1. Thanks Rati, its great to be here :))

      Oh glad you noticed 😀 , yesh i wanted to click nice pics for the review :yahoo:

      Hey I can’t change my pic 🙁 Using same LogIn ID at Gravatar.com :((

  3. Great review Gargi- organized and easy to read. :)) I kinda like cucumber scents for summer so I might try this scent next time. :))

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