Avon Simply Pretty Fresh Radiance Gel Foundation & Blush Duo Review

Avon Simply Pretty Fresh Radiance Gel Foundation & Blush Duo

Avon Simply Pretty Fresh Radiance Gel Foundation & Blush Duo
Product claim:
Enhance your natural rosy glow with simply pretty Fresh Radiance Gel Foundation and Blush duo. Looking pretty has never been so easy. Flawless skin with a hint of color with just one product! Oil-free. Dermatologist tested. Won’t clog pores.

I came across Avon Simply Pretty Fresh Radiance Gel Foundation & Blush Duo while looking for the Avon Simple Pretty Swirl Lip Glosses which I saw from a post here on IMBB.  Over here in Manila there’s a small stand of Avon products at a mall near our place, which is cool ‘cause you get to see the products in person- downside is they have limited stock. I did get a Swirl Lip Gloss (which was on sale but only one color was available), and I thought this looked interesting too. It’s cute, small, and pink, plus I liked that it’s a liquid foundation and cream blush in one travel-friendly tube. Cheap too- it was just 150 pesos or Rs 157 (pretty much the same).
Avon Simply Pretty Fresh Radiance Gel Foundation Blush Duo tube
This comes in three shades but they had only two of them available at the stall. I first tested the lighter shade of foundation, which came with a pretty, medium pink blush, but it was too light so I asked for the darker shade, called Natural. Natural looked like a good match on the back of my hand, so I went ahead and bought it. I assumed it came with the same-colored medium pink blush, but opening it at home, I was surprised by a blush in a much darker shade. Kind of scary dark. My fault, I didn’t check the label, which says that the blush inside is called Mauve.

In the photos, it looks red, but in actual it’s a dark mauve pink. The blush is very soft to the touch, and very pigmented. Instructions on the tube tell me to dab it on lightly, then use fingers to blend. I had a hard time applying it evenly using that method, and had better luck stippling it on then blending using a small dual fiber brush.
I don’t know why the foundation is called gel when it doesn’t have that kind of consistency, it’s a regular liquid foundation. It gives light coverage, dries to a matte finish and feels lightweight. The shade was neither too light nor dark for my skin, but it leans toward beige and I wish it had more yellow undertones to it to match my warm skin tone better.

Swatched on my arm: top- cream blush in Mauve, bottom- liquid foundation in Natural.

Blended slightly:

Pros of Avon Simply Pretty Fresh Radiance Gel Foundation & Blush Duo

• It seems like a fun yet practical product- a foundation and blush in a single tube.
• The tube is small and sturdy, and I can easily throw it into my bag.
• It’s really affordable.
• The foundation feels very light on my skin. I don’t feel like I’m wearing any foundation when I’m wearing this.
• The foundation is fairly easy to blend and not streaky.
• The cream blush is very pigmented.
• I didn’t develop any pimples after using the foundation and blush.
• The foundation and blush wear well onto the day.
• Both the foundation and blush are unscented, which I prefer.

Cons of Avon Simply Pretty Fresh Radiance Gel Foundation & Blush Duo

• The foundation offers light coverage only. I sometimes follow it up with a compact powder foundation to increase coverage.
• May feel a bit drying on dry skin. I think this is better suited for those with oily skin.
• My skin did itch a little on a few occasions about 30 minutes after applying the foundation, so for those who have sensitive skin like I do, test this product on a small area first.
• I find the blush too dark for the foundation shade it comes with. I think the mauve blush would look nicer on darker skin tones.
• It was hard to get the blush to apply lightly and to blend well using fingers. It looked okay using a dual fiber brush though.
• Limited shades available.
• Well, it claims to be oil-free, but if you check the ingredients listed on the back, it contains sunflower seed oil. My skin has no problems with this type of oil, but I just thought I should mention this.

Overall, this is an okay product, and I can’t really complain since it’s so cheap and I didn’t have high expectations from it. I did wish it provided slightly better coverage, but I think it would do when set with powder foundation. The blush that it came with is just a little too dark for me.

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27 thoughts on “Avon Simply Pretty Fresh Radiance Gel Foundation & Blush Duo Review

  1. We dont have this product here in india i think! I saw the brochure, didnt find anything like this, yes the gel foundation was there but no blush, its cheap and really seems good! :woot: :thumbsup:

    1. Taps I just assumed this was available there as well, since almost all the Avon stuff I read reviews of on IMBB are available here. :-/

  2. The foundation has a very pink tone na, wont suit yellow undertones I guess. I quite like the combo though, would be perfect for travelling around

    1. lp- right! But it’s kind of sheer, so when I set it with my yellow-based powder, it looks better. I like the combo too. :))

    1. Nope, no shimmers. :)) I was wondering too why in the 3rd picture the foundation looks shimmery, but think it’s because it was still wet at the time and I used flash. :))

  3. yeah…this one is not available in India..the fresh gel foundation is but not the blush….n i was really not very impressed with the foundation…. :yuck:

    1. Sorry to hear it’d not available there Dimpi. :wilt: Was not incredibly impressed w/ the foundation either, but I wasn’t expecting a lot from it in the first place…I knew it would probably be sheer. :heh: I think it’s just okay.

      1. I also bought it thinking the same Ida….i thought tht vowee…gel foundation :yahoo: …wud be perfect for my oily skin…but it was such a big let down….. 🙁

  4. ohh.. quite innovative.. foundation n blush duo & tht tooo soo reasonable priced :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: .. blush shade appears tooo dark… but a lil can work give to give a rosy rosy luk.. 😉 😉 😉

    1. Yup, it does have a very reasonable price Nids. :)) The blush looks really dark in person. 😮 But if I apply it carefully it ends up a pretty, reddish pink on my cheeks. :))

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