Avon Simply Pretty Nail Enamel: A REVIEW

Avon Simply Pretty Nail enamel: A REVIEW

Hello girls do you love to apply the nail polish? I know your answer would be yes. Certainly I will not find any girl, who does not like the nail polish. Today I want to review the cutest and trendy type of nail color. These are called the Avon Simply Pretty Nail enamel. I bought them last month and have been using them since then. Can you believe, for my nails, my hands are just looking very very pretty? Almost all the shades of AVON nail polish are so good and attractive . Also, the shades are very unique and different from others..I love light shades of nail polishes, especially pink & silver ones. However, to add a little variety to my nail polishes, I also like to wear some of the dark shades too. So this time I ended up buying two dark shades.
SImply Pretty Nail ENamel

  • High intensity color with very first coat
  • Smooth and even application

Its Price: Rs 55/- each.However I got one  free with the Avon Little black dress perfumed deo spray.

Shades Available:
A wide range of 33 shades are available from the collection, suiting each & every one according to ones mood or dress .The shades and their numbers are not properly visible here so for better view kindly visit their website: http: avon.co.in.
SImply Pretty Nail ENamel
I got the Maroon Magic (16244) &Mango Mania (15001)
SImply Pretty Nail ENamel

Maroon Magic (16244)

My Review:

After getting one free bottle and having great success with the shade, I decided to give Avon simply pretty a second try. The 1st color I have is the most gorgeous deep maroon called the Maroon Magic (16244) ,it’s a very intense color. Because of the shade, the fingers look slender and also very sleek. It’s an idle shade for evening wear.

The second is fresh fruity & lively orange color that is quite sexy, called Mango Mania (15001) . I would consider it to be a more teenage color. It is appropriate for work or for play. Also it will go with most of your dress. Both of them have matte finish.

There is a good range of colors to suit everybody. The packaging is very cutie; I like the sleek body, a cylindrical bottle which broadens at the base with a black rectangular lid. The color with the number is mentioned at the top of the lid. In spite of all these brilliant shades, the opacity just is not what I had hoped for. In terms of wear, Revlon Sheer Rose nail polish has also disappointed me a little; I have noticed a little chipping of the nail paint around the edges of the nails. Although AVON nail polish may be a little thinner in texture than some other nail polishes I have tried, I have not experienced any problem with bubbles . The brush is of good quality and a good width in terms of application. In addition, the brush has not splayed or lost bristles which can sometimes be the result, especially with less expensive nail polishes.

SImply Pretty Nail ENamel Mango Mania
SImply Pretty Nail ENamel Mango Mania

Why to buy Avon Simply Pretty Nail Enamel:

  • The polish is easy to apply and distributes evenly around the nail with the flat brush. As I am right-handed I often make a smudge or a blob on my right hand when I paint it using my left hand but I get a good result on my right hand too with this polish.
  • This polish is quite thin thereby it makes it easier to work with.
  • The result is a high shine color which is indeed very professional looking.
  • It was easy to remove when the time came to re-do my nails.
  • This nail polish takes just a few seconds to get dried after applying it and you don’t really need to wait for a long time, also it lasts longer and it does not loose its original look and shine even after a long time.
  • Fortunately, Avon nail polishes are reasonably priced
  • Furthermore, Avon products are often on sale, Buy One Get One Free, or offered with exciting programs so that sweetens the deal even more.

Why NOT to buy Avon Simply Pretty Nail Enamel:

  • This nail polish is probably not as opaque as many other nail polishes, I do not really consider it to be a sheer nail polish. With two coats of it on, I am still able to see the whites of my nails.
  • At least 3-4 coats are required for best results.
  • I wish the lid would be a little elongated making the application task easy.
  • The nail enamel chipped off after few days around the edges.


If you are looking for a good nail polish at a reasonable price, then I think you should give Avon Simply Pretty Nail Polish a try. I will use up the bottle of nail polishes that I purchased, and also would repurchase the others shades.

Have you tried Avon Simply Pretty Nail Enamel? Please rate in the box below.


32 thoughts on “Avon Simply Pretty Nail Enamel: A REVIEW

    1. Hey aarthi, the shades are really very pretty as like the name i think u should give them a try at least once…sure u will like them.. :laugh:

    1. hi insiya,the mango mania is really a beautiful shades . i have clicked the piccy without flash so its not much clear here, but it is just close to the Orange nail paint from Colorbar.
      its a small bottle like elle 18 one, not carrying the bottle now, wil update u tommorow..
      u can also visit their site…….. :kissed:

  1. I like these cos they are pretty attractively priced, especially with the discounts. I do wish the colours were more accurate between what’s shown on the brochure and the actual bottle colour. I have bought some colours which look very different from what I thought they would be like. Its a small bottle though, and usually I don’t mind it so much 😛

    1. DISCOUNTS !!!oh i just love them.
      i agree rads the shades differ a lot withthe brochuer n actuall bt my agent is kind enough to cancel the order if i dont like them.. :laugh: i m happy this way..
      what all shades have u bought ?:-)

      1. Oh I forgot…I usually share with a friend..so right now they are at her place. I do remember a bright red colour very well though..it was quite a shock to both of us when it came…and a cranberry shade which was really pretty.

  2. 😀 oops
    i just sent an article on 9 shades of these to rati
    what a coincidence!
    i love these sush
    i have both these colors
    really quality and and money for these is worth
    sush….whats with our avon connection?

    1. hey guess what we all are infected with IMMB virus, so thiking alike he he.. :silly: :struggle: also shopping alike..
      what shades hv u bought ?:-) ordered for some mettalic ones…

    1. thx dear… :-)) u know i m totally liking the duo eye shadow in angel wink.. it is like antique golden color na… :-))

        1. I used it only once neha, is very soft. n thx for ur review now i know where it may go wrong, wil use it more deliberately now…. 😛

  3. you’ve got lovley nails Sush. these days I have cut my nails super short and and just enjoying wearing the clear shimmery coat. 😉

    Mango mania is yum!! :drool:

    1. thx rati.. 😀 u know i 2 have shorter nails, they are just longer then urs… :laugh:
      mango mania is really yum v similar to the Orange nail paint from Colorbar. 😮

  4. really nice shades sush. i hav been using avon products since my college days n find them really gud..
    bt nw in hyd, i dont kno frm where to get them.. i m nt used to online shopping n doesnt knw any1 nearby whose an agent?? 🙁

  5. Hey Nice review Sush!!!!

    I lovved the first photo.. I have so wanted to wear a different colour on each nail for so long… But never plucked up enough courage… :blush: :blush: :blush:

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