Avon Skin So Soft Minerals Gems Glamorous Gold Body Lotion Review

Avon Skin So Soft Minerals Gems Glamorous Gold Body Lotion Review

As per Avon :

This unique moisturizer is luxurious yet light, rich but sheer and leaves your skin irresistibly soft and silky with a subtle kiss of golden shimmer. Dermatologically tested.

So does this claim come true? Let’s find out.

I have never been a fan of catalogue purchase and thus don’t have many products from companies that only sell through catalogue. Avon is the only brand of which I have few and that too acquired very recently.
While I was looking for a good NP from the recent catalogue (and the colors are amazing ), I saw this moisturizer which talked of leaving skin soft and silky and on a discounted offer….so I grabbed it
Avon has various range under Skin so Soft which includes body wash, hand cream, hand and body lotion.
Pic 1

Quality – 150 ml
Price –
Rs.299 (got it at a discounted price of Rs. 199)

Pic 2
The product
It comes in a flip flop tube and is very easy to carry around. The cap is sturdy and thus no fear of leakage.
The texture of the cream is extremely velvety. It really feels like you are applying silk on your skin. Light and spreads very well.
Pic 3

I was very curious to use this, so the moment I got it, I used the very next day. It applied smoothly and got instantly absorbed into my parched dry skin.less moisturizing than the normal body creams, I use so was slightly disappointed but I just left it to it and went out in blaring sun.
And voila, suddenly I see my hand shining.I could not understand why it should and then realized:GOLD SHIMMER in the cream.

It was very hilarious as my hubby and daughter kept on checking my hand – it looked like I have taken few fine gold shimmer pigments and applied on my hand – ok not so much,but one could easily see the subtle shimmer.

The shine is only visible in sunlight and becomes nonexistent when inside home or any other shade place.
I have extreme dry skin and this is not for me.also I don’t like the shimmer part even though it’s very fine.It stayed on my skin for max 2/3 hours. Like all Skin so soft products this too looks ideal for oily- normal skin types.

Let’s get to yay’s and the nay’s of this product.

Pros Of Avon Skin So Soft Minerals Gems Glamorous Gold Body Moisturizer:

– Lives up completely to its light silky texture claim
– Very faint smell and I love my creams to be without any scent or very light
– Gets absorbed into skin in seconds and is non greasy.
– Easy to carry and handle

Cons of Avon Skin So Soft Minerals Gems Glamorous Gold Body Moisturizer:

– Not moisturizing for my skin
– Has shimmer which is a big No No for me
– I feel the price is a bit much for the product even after discount.
– There is not a lot of product in the tube…the way my skin needs it…it will get over in a months time.
– Avon should mentioned skin type with these creams so that people like me reading luxurious will relate it to great moisturizing
– Of course availability is an issue – only through Avon representative.

Would rate it as – 3 stars
I just love the texture of the cream and would have kept on using it if it’s a bit more moisturizing,the gold shimmer irritates me, but might not be an issue with lot many.

Have you used this cream or any with gold shimmer?

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