Awesome Beauty Hacks for Busy Girls

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Have been extremely busy these past few weeks and felt sad that I could not devote much time here for writing. But, I was constantly in touch through reading. I am always such a clumsy person when it comes to getting ready and going out. I try starting to get ready way before I have decided so to be able to be on time. And, one thing that comes real handy when getting ready is knowing small tips and tricks or hacks which work as your saviour. So, I thought of penning down some for you. Read on!

Awesome Beauty Hacks for Busy Girls3

• You are in a hurry to attend a party and are running late and realise you just forgot to apply nail paint. Worrying about how it will dry so fast? Don’t! Because here is a quick tip. Dip your painted nails in a bowl of ice-cold water for two minutes. Painted nails dry extremely quickly!

Awesome Beauty Hacks for Busy Girls2

• Also, many a times we have shaky hands and obviously the nail paint gets painted outside the nails on our skin too. This specially happens when we are applying with opposite hand. No worries! Just apply a little olive oil around the nails before applying the nail paint and use a Q-tip later with nail paint remover to remove the excess nail paint on the skin. It works faster.

• I love to see those matte finish pastel colored nail paints, but could not get my hands on them. Read somewhere that if you give steam to freshly applied glossy nails, it turns into a matte finish. Wow! Quick and cheap fix.

• Instead of applying powder, dab few drops of essential face oil on the cheeks to refresh your already applied foundation and to get a natural sheen and glow.

• Many a times when we sharpen our lip pencils or eye pencils, a lot of product gets wasted and moreover, a chunk is left back if these pencils are creamy. To avoid this, just place your creamy pencils in fridge for an hour before sharpening them.

Awesome Beauty Hacks for Busy Girls

• I, sometimes, use a clear lip gloss and a matte eye shadow and mix them on the back of my hand to create a glossy shade.

• To have a perfect airbrushed finishing for you blush, just spin your blush in small, light circular motion from your cheekbones to your hairline.

• While removing eye makeup, just dab 2-3 drops of coconut oil to the cotton pad along with your makeup remover. This helps to break down the makeup and easily removes it without any need or rubbing it.

• If your eyeshadow or blush matches your lipstick, try dabbing it a little over your lipstick to get a matte and long wearing effect.

• For people with curly hair, just let them dry and do not touch and disturb the curls while drying. This way the curls remain intact and frizz free.

Awesome Beauty Hacks for Busy Girls1

• I have like really really straight hair. I never have good times with curling. They don’t last on me for more than an hour. So, this is a trick that I use these days. After washing my hair, I let them dry and apply hair gel or cream and tie them up into a braid. After an hour or two I open it and there are pretty beach waves. If you want tighter waves, tie your braid fairly tight.

• Rubbing hair with a towel causes hair breakage. Instead, use an old used tee to pat dry your wet hair.

• Splashing eyes with cold water in the morning helps reducing eye swelling and puffiness immediately.

• Use a gentle body brush to run it up the legs and the body and run it down the hands and back just before you take a shower and wet your body. It helps in exfoliating and increasing blood circulation in the body. This one is called dry brushing. It also helps in removing ingrown hair.

Awesome Beauty Hacks for Busy Girls4

• One can use an essential oil on damp body after shower and pat dry the body. This helps to lock in moisture and keep skin soft and glowing.

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10 thoughts on “Awesome Beauty Hacks for Busy Girls

  1. Great tips Sayli. 🙂 But I do not agree with directly applying essential oil on the face or anywhere else for that. Essential oil are to supposed be used with a base oil like coconut, oil, almond oil etc.

    1. I too agree with the essential oil thing… It shouldnt be applied directly in the skin. Neither will it be effective in locking the moisture over the body.
      I like the dry hair with old t shirt trick.
      I dint know that steam helps make the nail paint matte

    2. Is it..I have a combination skin and when I tried to dab maybe a drop or so of the essential oil it did work.. But wat u said also makes sense.. See how we learn from each

      1. You are right Sayli we learn so many things from each other. I didn’t knew about most of the hacks you told above and now I do know. 🙂 Btw I like your name Sayli. I feel like saying it over and over again. 😀

    1. is always greener on d other side:) having straight nd silky hair makes it almost difficult to get variations wid ur look using hairstyles.. Nd tat is annoying

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