9 Awesome Beauty Hacks with Baby Powder

You have to believe us, baby powder is not just for babies, you can incorporate it into your beauty routine and reap benefits because it works in multiple ways, and is an inexpensive product too! We have listed down 9 Awesome Beauty Hacks with Baby Powder.


Baby Powder as eye shadow base:

I have finally found a solution to my super-duper oily lids, which failed the best cosmetic bases or powders available in the market. Even the most expensive ones were not able to help me with it and my eye shadows would crease and my pencil eyeliners would stick to the upper crease after a couple of hours. Not any more, the normal baby powder when applied on the eyelid soaked up the oil fantastically rendering me a crease free and smudge free eye make for hours together.

Sets skin ready for epilation:


I am sure most of you would have given up on the epilators long back as it tugs on the skin, and hence does not remove the hairs effectively. I was a victim too. Try applying baby powder on your skin area and then using the epilator on it. The powder soaks the sweat or greasiness and makes the movement of the epilator very smooth and makes the process an easy one.

Baby powder as deodorant:


Baby Powders serve as very good deodorants especially for gym or when your skin has been epilated recently. It is mild and hence does not cause any rashes, that other chemicals might cause on the sensitive skin. Also, it keeps the odor at bay for a long time

Baby powder for blisters:

For girls, who have picked up new stilettos recently and are avoiding to wear them for the fear of blisters, apply a generous quote of the baby powder on your feet before wearing them. The friction is reduced and hence blisters are kept at bay

Baby powder as shoes Deodorizers:


Many of our lovely shoes especially closed ones, start smelling after few months of wearing. Try sprinkling a generous amount of baby powder into them while storing. The smell will disappear and will also soak up any sweat or moisture in them. Do this at least once in a fortnight if using the same pair for best results.

Baby powder as dry shampoo:


Washing hairs every day after a gym session is mostly impractical. For days when there is not time for hair wash, put some baby powder on to the hair brush and try combing your hairs. The greasiness will be soaked up and the hairs will become oil free.

Baby Powder for long lasting lipstick:


After you apply lipstick place thin tissue on your lips and run a brush dipped baby powder over the tissue. Remove the tissue and apply another quote of the lipstick over your lips. The lipstick will stay longer.

Baby powder for sticky sand removal:

After all the fun time in water at the beach comes the painful part of removing the sticky sand from hands and legs. Sprinkle the baby powder on the part where the sand is sticking and see how easily the sand comes off your skin.

Baby powder to fix pimple spots:

Are you disappointed with the pimple that has sprouted on the most important day or event you were looking forward to, worry not, mix a drop of milk to some baby powder and apply this on the pimple with a cotton swab and let it be for some time. The pimple will soon fade off.

While we adore and admire the beautiful babies it’s time we adore the baby powders too and make it part of our vanities forever. Hope you like the tips.
Take care and have fun.

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