10 Awesome Hair Hacks You Have to Try Right Now

If you did not know these hair hacks until now, I wonder how you have all survived all this while! Let me share with you some amazing hair hacks that are bang-on ways to have much manageable, healthy-looking and luscious hair. These will surely come to the rescue, when you have a hair emergency. So, are you ready to jot down some notes?

Awesome hair hack

1. Tame that frizz with a toothbrush

toothbrush for hair

No, not the same toothbrush you use everyday to brush your teeth! Get a new one for your tresses. Mist some hairspray over your brush and run it down your strands to pacify those annoying flyaways and frizz.

2. Dry shampoo before you sleep

Sometimes we are too lazy and prefer getting that extra few minutes of sleep instead of waking up and rushing into the shower. We’ve got a life saving trick for you – use some dry shampoo on your hair before you get some shut-eye. This will make sure that your hair looks clean and fresh the next morning.

3. Mayo, yes please!

I’m sure you all know that shampooing every day is not good for your hair because it strips off all the natural oils from those tresses. But, one thing that you can do if you like shampooing everyday is use mayonnaise on your ends, each time you wash them. This prevents the hair from drying out, and getting brittle.

4. Make those curls last longer

ways to curl hair

If your curls often loosen up, you must wrap your hair around the wand from the middle and not the ends, this will help hold the curl better and make those waves last longer.

5. Use blow dryer? Try the cool setting on it

We often go through our strands several times with a blow dryer to get the smooth looking hair, instead of flipping from hot to cold. Use the “cool” setting on the dryer to seal the cuticles and to make the hairstyle last for a longer time. If frizzy hair is your problem, this trick is a must-try!

6. Hold the curling wand right

curling iron

This makes a huge difference to the kind of curls you want. For tighter spiral curls, your wand has to be held vertically, and for looser curls, the wand should be held horizontally for a few seconds.

7. Using the right hair brushes

types of hair brushes

We have plenty of hair brushes lying around, but each brush serves a different purpose. A small round brush is great for curling the hair and for adding volume. A big round brush is used for straightening and a paddle brush is meant to add shine and for smoothing the hair.

8. Lazy girl curls

Curling has never been easier if you are that lazy girl like me! Simply braid your hair into six sections and use your flat iron to go over them. Use the iron a few times over your braids before you open them up.

9. Use the bobby pins correctly

Bobby pins have an annoying tendency to never stay in place, they always slide off. While doing that updo, make sure you use a spray some dry shampoo or hair spray on those pins and then slide them on in your hair to prevent them from sliding off.

10. Faking that intricate looking braid

This hack comes handy on bad hair days or lazy days when you do not want to take a head shower, just so you can hide those dirty-looking locks. You can create a lovely looking braid by pulling your hair back in a braid, by dividing your hair into two sections, making pigtails of each section and then sticking them together with the help of bobby pins. This looks super cute and will surely give people an impression that you spent hours doing it.

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