Some Awesome Lipstick Combinations

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Some Awesome Lipstick Combinations

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Came a point where I liked all – yes all the lipsticks I saw at stores.  After going bankrupt spending on them, I started combining some lipsticks to discover some amazing shades.  So I thought I should share my tried and tested experiments with you all so that you too can wear a new shade each day with already existing lipsticks!!

Note: I have used the following lipsticks, but you can team any similar lipstick that you own.


Combination 1:

A dark pink lip tint, topped by a peach lipstick = a dreamy orange shade with pink tints.  This is my “bestest” shade.  I haven’t seen this shade in any brand so far.

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pic 2

pic 3 -with flash

pic 3

Combination 2 :

Now, this again is a wonder.  If you have two dull shades (that wash you out), try wearing them together.  I paired Chanel mademoiselle (05) with Colorbar Take Me as I am Bare Dare Pink (003). When worn together, they turned out to be an awesome shade of mauvish pink.

pic 4.....

pic 4...

pic 4

Combination 3:

Take a bright matte pink lipstick, layer it with a dull pink or purple, and there you are! Get a beautiful shade, this one came out like the one Aishwarya wears in waada raha from the movie “Khakee.” I used Colorbar Oh My Magenta and topped it with the Colorbar Take Me as I am.

pic 5 .


I hope you liked the combinations and pics.  Do try some of them with similar lipsticks that you own, and enjoy your new shades!

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20 thoughts on “Some Awesome Lipstick Combinations

  1. amazing idea maria……i think i would have to try something similar to save my money as me too spending a lot on lip products *hifive*

  2. I love this idea and tried several times.
    Some of the combinations are indeed brilliant with people asking me what lipstick are you wearing.

    Women can be so creative!!
    Kudos to all you brilliant minds!!

  3. This is great idea…. I used to combine a lipstick and lip gloss to get a diff color…. combining lipsticks is also great….. This will help me use my accidentally bought dull shades as mentioned by Maria…. Thanks girl 🙂 *jai ho* *jai ho*

  4. Awesome post…. *announce* *announce* and great tips… *drool* I too have a some lippies which wash me out…. *cry* so going to try your tip to mix them *happydance* *happydance* *happy dance* *happy dance*

  5. woow maria.. u clicked great ideas in our mind.. *jai ho* *clap* i always regret some of my decisions bt seems i got hw to feel happy for them.. *happydance* *happydance* great idea dear *thankyou*

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