10 Awesome Tricks to Get Fuller Pout

By Drishti K.

Hello sweethearts,

I hope that all of you doing are good and are enjoying the much-awaited monsoon season. Since, we all know that lips and eyes are the most attractive feature in a woman’s face, today I am here with an article that will help all you lazy munchkins to up your makeup game. Stay tuned for some life-changing tips and tricks.

Tricks To Get Fuller Pout

1. Scrub is the way to go

Lips with flakes and scales look dull; an amazing ways to glam up your lips is to start with a good scrubbing session followed by, moisturisation. As an added bonus, scrubbing your lips will boost blood circulation, making your lips look rosier and fuller. So, all in all this is a win-win situation.

2. Nude lip liner can save the day


It is very important to hide lip-pigmentation because it can make otherwise beautiful lips look older and small. Applying a creamy or matte nude lip liner can create a perfect canvas for your lipstick, work as a primer and also help in hiding any lip pigmentation. Alternatively, you can also dab a little concealer on your pout if you do not suffer from dry lip issues.

3. Opt for lip-plumping glosses

For a temporary lip-plumping effect, you can opt for lip glosses from the famous ranges like Maybelline Lip Polishes and Sexy Mother Pucker by Soap & Glory which will tingle a bit while you apply them but, will also make you look ravishing for that selfie session with friends.

4. Contour

There’s much hype surrounding contouring in the makeup industry today and, we say that the technique deserves all the attention. While, contouring around lips is not exactly a rage but, a little bronzer around/under your lower lip can make your pout pop up.

5. Avoid darker shades


Exactly like a black dress can hide those few extra pounds, wine and burgundy lippies can make your lips shrink (not, literally of course). So, next time you are out on a shopping spree, invest in a few of those coral and glossy pink lippies.

6. Opt for glosses that reflect light


If you are not a fan of those mirror-like glossy lips, think again because they can definitely add a lot of drama and up your makeup game for those night outs and club dates. Also, a little shimmer that reflects the right amount of light can make you the center of attraction wherever you go.

7. Highlighting is your best friend

A little champagne highlighter on the Cupid’s bow can enhance the pout manifolds and also give you the required plump pout.

8. Gradient


Layering your lipstick can work in your favor when you are trying to project bigger lips. To make this trick work, apply a darker lip liner or lipstick in the middle of your lips and then apply a lighter gloss or lipstick of the same hue on your entire kissable pout.

9. Vaseline jelly

If you are running late of time, a little Vaseline can lend your lips some shine and also enhance the volume.

10. Over-lining can make or break your look

While, over-lining your lips can seem like the sanest thing while you are trying to make your lips look fuller, exercise this stunt with caution as, this trick can sometimes backfire. Also, never ever over line your lips with a darker lip-pencil.

That is all for today girlies, hope this helps.

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