Ayur Herbal Aloe Vera Astringent Review

Ayur Herbal Aloe Vera Astringent Review

Hello peeps,

How have you all been doing! I am writing after such a long time, been really busy with studies and internship and everything. So anyway, today I will share my views about Ayur astringent that I bought a few days back.  This is just another astringent you will find in the market, but the best thing about this one is the hint of herbal scent and the ability to remove oil and dirt particles effectively.  I was using the astringent from Avon, which has no scent, per se, and it was so medicine-y, with boring packaging and a little amount at a relatively high price.  This one from Ayur is an absolute delight. Ayur aloe vera astringent comes in a white translucent bottle with a green screw lid and the liquid is light turquoise in color.


Product Description:

“Ayur’s Astringent Is A Herbal Preparation which contains aloe vera, camphor, and mint.  Its antiseptic and cooling properties check over secretion of sebum.  Best suited for oily skin, acne prone, and problematic skin.

Ayur Herbal Aloe Vera Astringent 3


INR 75 for 200 ml.

Shelf Life:

3 years.


Ayur Herbal Aloe Vera Astringent 2

My Experience with Ayur Herbal Aloe Vera Astringent:

As we all are aware, Ayur is so much popular in the market for its range of herbal products and for their pocket-friendly prices. Hence, I thought of giving this astringent a try. I prefer astringent over cleanser as personally for me, the former is more effective in removing dirt and oil.  My skin is not prone to acne/pimples, although sometimes one or two crop up, but that’s seasonal, or too oily, but I love the cool and refreshing feeling the astringent leaves me with.  This astringent is very effective in removing dirt, and since winters call for moisturizers and cold creams, this little baby is going to come really handy this season. This product has a minty scent which makes it all the more favorite to me and considering that it’s a herbal product from a renowned brand at such a great price, its the icing on the cake.

Ayur Herbal Aloe Vera Astringent 4

I apply it after coming home with a cotton ball, pour some over it, and apply all over neck and face. Then, leave it for a while and wash off. I don’t use any face wash/soap after using this as the astringent alone serves the purpose. So, for those who don’t prefer using soaps or face washes, can give this a try.  It can also be applied before putting on make-up as it cleans off any oil from the skin.

Ayur Herbal Aloe Vera Astringent 5

Ayur Herbal Aloe Vera Astringent 6

Pros of Ayur Herbal Aloe Vera Astringent:

  • Inexpensive.
  • Available everywhere.
  • Minty cool smell.
  • Makes skin feel cool and refreshed.
  • Good quantity.
  • Herbal.
  • Contains the goodness of tulsi (basil leaf), aloe vera, camphor and mint.
  • Great for oily, acne-prone skin.
  • Travel-friendly packaging.

Cons of Ayur Herbal Aloe Vera Astringent:

  • Can’t think of any!!

Would I Recommend/Will I Repurchase Ayur Herbal Aloe Vera Astringent?

Yes for both!

IMBB Rating:


See ya next time ladies, take care!

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11 thoughts on “Ayur Herbal Aloe Vera Astringent Review

  1. Just wondering…. *waiting* *waiting* *waiting* Ye product IMBB me kaise review nahi kiya aaj tak rofl rofl rofl
    *thankyou* Nice Review…. I’m still using this on & off… *haan ji* *haan ji* *haan ji*

  2. hv used it….and it does its job well. just that now we use more high end products and hv forgotten the basic ones….i liked using it.

  3. I have oily skin and using this for a long time and i love it *happy dance* but I am wondering that how come this product is not reviewed in IMBB till now *waiting* *haan ji*

  4. I have dry skin all over my face except for my forehead.. I always get multiple white heads on my forehead after getting my eyebrows done (threading) *headbang* & they don’t vanish easily.. and stay for at least 2 weeks no matter what I do… *headbang* When exposed to dust the condition exaggerates..
    My parlour lady says it is due to open pores.. Will this product work on my issue ?
    Any suggestions ? Please help me..
    Thank you in advance…

  5. i have this..and i think its not at all natural or any good for my skin..it makes it dry as it contains heavy amount of alcohol..big *nonono* *pan* for me

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