Ayur Herbals Almond Nourishing Cream Review

Ayur Herbals Almond nourishing Cream with NMC 70

Hello IMBB gang!

ayur almond nourishing cream

I hope you all had a fabulous holi. Mine was extra happening as all the color available in Hyderabad was on my skin only…

And here the problem exactly started… I tried removing the color with the very old dahi-besan technique… The color went away up to 90% when I scrubbed my skin thrice using the above mentioned paste but my skin was left with dryness I could not imagine. That was like a nightmare. Whatever I applied resulted in a messy crappy face. I was totally disappointed and was literally cursing myself for playing such a sportive holi.

Then I tried searching for an extra nourishing product which would give some relief to my extremely damaged skin.
I went to Health & Glow for the same and was searching there then the SA gave me various options. Many were which I had tried already and then she came up with this wonder pot.


The cream is named Almond nourishing cream with NMC 70
Price: 80 INR for 80ml

What Ayur claims About Almond Nourishing Cream
Say bye- bye to under eye problems. Enriched with ingredients, which are the richest source of Vitamin E, this light weight cream nourishes, revitalizes and refreshes the skin. A perfect blend of almond, avocado oil and NMC-70 provides a smooth and firm skin.
nourishing cream
Almond oil for the skin
Sweet almond oil is one of the most popular essential oils used in aromatherapy. Pure almond oil can be used as carrier oil in aromatherapy or massage therapy. Almond oil is suitable for any skin type. You do not have to worry how it will react on your skin type.

These are the benefits of using almond oil-Improves complexion and retains glow, moisturizes better and deeper, soothes skin irritation and inflammation, delays ageing process, lightens dark circles, relieves dry and itching skin, nourishes the skin, makes it smooth and soft, cures chapped lips and body rashes
Avocado oil for the skin

It is high in sterolins, which are reputed to reduce age spots, help heal sun damage and scars. It is the sterolins (also called plant steroids) in the oil that helps to soften the skin and imparts a superior moisturizing effect. Avocado oil is easily absorbed into deep tissue, and with its wonderfully emollient properties, makes it ideal for mature skins. It also helps to relieve the dryness and itching of psoriasis and eczema.

I tried searching for NMC 70 but could not find anything. Please share if anyone has an idea about this.

My Take on Ayur Herbals Almond Nourishing Cream

The company says that it is a light cream but personally I felt that it is rather creamier and heavier cream with pinkish color to it.

I am a bit confused about how to present this product in front of you. It is an excellent nourisher for extremely dry damaged skin. But for my combination-oily skin type it worked out well only on the non-oily zone (whole face except the t-zone).

It gave an instant relief to my skin as it has been dry for ages. What I did was before application mixed it well on my palm with some rose water and while massaging whenever the water was absorbed I mixed a few drops more.
This way the cream was absorbed by the skin in a better and effective way. I massaged with this cream thrice in a day for 3 days and now I can see a noticeable change in my skin. It has become soft, supple, and yes of course smooth without any signs of damage.
Moreover when I used this for my feet it did more wonders there.

Pros of Ayur Herbals Almond Nourishing Cream

Extremely creamy
Relieves the skin in an instant
Easily absorbed by dry skin
Useful for massage
You can use it as an under eye cream too
Price will never be a concern

Cons of Ayur Herbals Almond Nourishing Cream

Leaves your T-zone like oil well if you have an oily skin (It would be better if you avoid using it on the T-zone)

Final Verdict
Some of us might be skeptical about using this product as it does not come from some high-end brand but one thing I would like to say that it works for the extremely dry areas of your skin. Sometimes good things do not come with a heavy price tag.

Will I repurchase it?
Yes for sure. Once the job for my facial dry skin is done I am using it as a night cream for my feet.

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13 thoughts on “Ayur Herbals Almond Nourishing Cream Review

  1. I have used this Pallavi… :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: use to love it color and light fragnance :toothygrin: :toothygrin: but yes its not for oily skinned beauties!

  2. I used it too in winters as i have extreme dry skin, its too good but not purchased 2nd time :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: as i always open to try new brands. Excellent for massage purpose and after reading you review i will again buy it for my hands & feet :happydance:

  3. I have used 2 pots of this cream for hands and feet during Hyd winter, this is THE BEST cream though it does not come from a fancy brand … good review Pallavi.

  4. i went through a lot of Ayur aloe vera cream tubs.. It was excellent and reduced stretch marks and improved my skin a lot…Nice review..

  5. used to use this for massage a couple of years ago…and i must say i really liked it..will get this again for sure ..Thanx for the review 🙂

  6. I think it is a greta massage cream and then you can wipe it off with a wet cotton. I think I will get this. I have dry skin and this may work great. Thanks for the review.:))

  7. Could someone do a good review on Ayur shampoos, as those ‘old’ products are missing from the scene…. would love to read the review… 🙂 🙂

  8. I using Ayur almond cream since four years my skin is very sensitive and my skin adjusted to this cream very well but now this product is not available in any shops.

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