Ayur Herbals Orange Face Pack Review

Review on Ayur Herbals Orange Face Pack

Hello once again girls! :0 It’s me again with another review. Ever since my first review got posted on IMBB I just can’t keep myself from writing more and more! So here I am with a review and swatches of one of my favorite skincare product.

Ayur Herbals  Orange face pack

Ayur Herbals has been a familiar name to all of us since our teens. I guess every one of us have tried their products once at least in our teenage. Due to their inexpensive nature they are hugely popular. Though many of you may have qualms about using Ayur products, they have always proven to be beneficial for me (except their sunscreen! They are just futile). I regularly use their face packs and henna and I am quite happy with the results. They have a range of clay packs consisting of sandalwood, neem, cucumber,anti sun-tan etc. I have used all of these over the years and am quite satisfied. The one I am going to review today is the Orange clay pack for Oily skin. Although my skin is not oily, it is recently getting very greasy (thanks to the humidity). So I just thought of trying this out and thankfully it did not disappoint me . 🙂

It comes in a cardboard box and has the face pack powder sealed inside a plastic packet which has the “AYUR” logo printed all over it.

Ayur face pack

Price: Rs. 15 for 25 grams. Shelf life: 3 year

The pack says it has got orange peel powder mixed with calamine and kaolin powder. We all know that orange peel powder is an excellent exfoliator for all skin types, calamine heals all skin irritation, kaolin draws out impurities and toxins from the skin. When I opened up the pack I found that the powder was really grainy, unlike the other face packs of Ayur herbals. It is not visible when dry, but you can see it when its mixed with rose water.

Ayur Herbals Orange face pack

You can see the grainy texture of the face pack. The grains (they call it orange peel powder) can be a bit rough on sensitive skin. But they didn’t bother me that much. I took about one teaspoon of the powder and mixed it with adequate rose water and it was enough for the entire face. You will need a bit more if you want to apply in the neck region as well. But the pack will last for almost around 5 to 6 times considering how little of the product is needed, and that would mean you are spending as less as Rs.3 every time! 😀 the pack spread evenly over my face but it didn’t have the smooth texture as I mentioned before. There was a tingling sensation for the first 2 minutes unlike other face packs of the same brand, but it became the familiar cooling sensation after 2 minutes. It needed 20 minutes to dry. This is how it looked on application.

Ayur Herbals Orange face pack review

I don’t let face masks dry completely on my face as they dry up the skin even more then. I wash it off when it is semi dry with cold water splashes. Finally, this is how my skin looked after the wash. There is no trace of make up here. The picture is taken in natural daylight.

I am quite pleased with the results. My face remained oil free for many hours and it felt really fresh. The grainy substances exfoliated my skin well. I just diluted some Ayur moisturizer with some rose water and applied it on my face. Now summing up the pros and cons…

1. Inexpensive like all other Ayur products. You can try a lot of other variants too for this reason.
2. It serves as a face scrub as well.
3. It refreshes the skin and really does wonders for oily skin.
4. A little amount is sufficient.
5. Does not break you out. I still haven’t had any sort of irritation after using these face packs.

1. The size of the granules can be an issue for sensitive skin beauties.
2. It can be a bit drying for the ones with normal or dry skin( but using a moisturizer later helps solving this)
3. As I don’t have blemishes, I cannot say anything about their claim of diminishing blemishes.

Other than these, I cannot think of any other problems with this one.
Above all, I think if we take proper care of our skin regularly, then inexpensive products like this too can help us glow! 🙂  What do you think? Let me know! Waiting for your comments . 🙂 tata until next time. Keep smiling , keep glowing!

Have you used Ayur Herbals Orange Face pack? How did you find it? 🙂

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19 thoughts on “Ayur Herbals Orange Face Pack Review

    1. i know, many have doubts about using ayur products as they are so cheap. but i have seen my mother use their products always and trust me, her skin is even better than mine! (she is over 50 now). all their products seem to work for me, except the sunscreen 🙁 anyway, thanks for the compliment 🙂 <3

  1. Hey ! Great Review! I love this product…I use it at night and it really soaks up oil ! I have been using this for a while ..it hasn’t helped with marks at all ! But all in all …a great product !

    1. i love it too Riti ! 🙂 but what marks are u talking about though? acne marks? did u ever try vicco turmeric cream? it helps healing all kinds of skin problems 🙂 hope this helps u.. tc!

      1. really, does vicco turmeric cream help? even i have some acne marks and i have oily skin.. i hardly apply any chemical based product.. btw grt review. i hv used other ayur packs..will try this one too.

        1. ya Kritika, it works wonders for oily skin 🙂 it even heals up minor cuts and burns. and the anti-acne claim is very true 🙂 try it

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