Ayur Herbals Rose Water Review

Hello everyone,
Today I’m going to review a rosewater from ayur. I am not sure how many of us actually has a liking to this brand. Due to its easy on pocket pricing, many of us seem to have serious doubts regarding its quality. Being a business student and a yet to be entrepreneur 😛 , I would say please do not consider money as a factor for determining quality.

Ayur Herbals Rose Water

I know two leading ayurvedic brands in my place which has exorbitant price range products. They have being using cheap raw materials for manufacturing their so called ‘quality products’ and reap huge profits. The media mentioned about it only here and there and that too once in a while that many are still ignorant about these facts.

Coming back to the review….

Price: Rs.35 for 200 Ml.

My Experience with Ayur Herbals Rose Water:

Rose water seems to be that one ingredient which most of the great face packs has to be mixed with. It is the first time that I am using a rosewater other than Dabur. I was into the store near my college to buy it and saw this one. I had mainly two objectives while buying the rosewater. First, for it to be used as a toner and second fot it to be mixed with face packs. The bottle was huge enough that I suspected it to cost atleast Rs.50. I was surprised to know it was priced at Rs.35.

Ayur Herbals Rose Water

There is nothing great with the packaging. It comes in a normal plastic bottle with an aluminum screw cap. Unscrewing the cap I could see that the product has been sealed. I just made a hole on the foil, so that I can manage its flow easily. It smells very natural and mild. I didn’t find anything artificial with its smell.

Ayur Herbals Rose Water

Ayur Herbals Rose Water

I have used more than half of the bottle as of now. To my expectation as a toner, it freshens and softens my face.
A gentle swipe of it with cotton removes dirt and oil away. As I said I use it for readymade and diy facemasks. Till now I have had no issues with it. It has neither helped nor impeded acne to my notice. The only thing I dislike is that it didn’t have any effect on my open pores. 🙁

Let us sum up the white and the black points now…

Pros of Ayur Herbals Rose Water:

• Very much affordable.
• Can be used a long way.
• Removes dirt and oil away from face.
• Instantly changes the mood and freshens up the face.
• Softens skin.
• Can be used to mix face packs lavishly 😀

Cons of Ayur Herbals Rose Water:

• It showed no effect on pores.
• It is not travel friendly. The product may leak or the bottle may lose its shape. ( But for the price I paid, I won’t complain :))

IMBB Rating: 4.5/5 (after all the compromises with I the price I paid)

Will I Repurchase Ayur Herbals Rose Water again?
Yes!! As it has caused no issues for me so far.

Ayur has no ingredient list for many products. I guess it may be because of the simplicity of its recipe (may be reachable and handy within our home). When it has its simple ingredient list mentioned over, it might have feared the customers would try them at home itself and thus lose their market. I just shared my thought. What you say?

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  1. I personally use Pantanjali rose water coz that is the only one which doesn’t sting my skin. I’ve tried gulabri but that make my skin so itchy! So I don’t know if I am comfortable in changing my rose waters :0

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