Ayur Mint Antiseptic Face Pack Review

Ayur Mint Antiseptic Face Pack

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Ayur is no stranger brand on IMBB and the dirt cheap face packs are sucha hit among one and all. This face pack is something that my sister swears by. She has acne prone skin and very sensitive. 90% of the brands don’t suit her and this product from AYUR is something she always relies on. So after her pesters, and reading so many rave reviews about AYUR on IMBB, I decided to give it a try.

ayur mint face pack

I have normal to dry skin with a not so oily T-Zone. So this was not exactly meant for my skin type, but I though I will give this a try as it claims to remove black heads and also I am not very easily prone to break outs as such. So here is my small experiment.. 🙂


Contains MINT extracts with natural ingredients like Multani Mitti(Fuller’s Earth), Calamine powder and Kaolin Powder.

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ayur mint face pack review

Price: Rs 40 for 100gms

Mix 1 tablespoon of Ayur mint face pack to make a paste. Apply it evenly on face and neck. Allow It to dry and wash with cold water.



Mint is a natural Antiseptic. It soothes skin and heals eruptions like pimples and black heads. It restores skin’s natural oil balance and also stops scaling.

My take on Ayur Mint Antiseptic Face Pack:

The anti septic properties of pudina is already listed above and I am sure every mom would have told this at some point of time, need I say more!!
I use my khadi rose water to mix the face pack powder with instead of the normal cold water. Because my sissy suggested that, as it has a not so great smell and nowhere smells of pudina or Mint. And she was right.



The face pack comes in powder form, which mostly has multani mitti in it. It’s not very fine powder, but has coarse texture. It also contains pudina leaves(mostly dried and powdered). These are not very cleary visible but once you mix the powder with water, you can find the presence of pudina in it.

Since the texture was coarse and scrub like, I first scrubbed my face and left it on for about 10 minutes. The pack when mixed with water is quite thick and takes around 10-15 minutes
to dry completely.

After Effect: Though I cannot judge the pimples and black head part, as I seldom get them, I totally vouch that it did give a very cooling sensation till it dried, totally apt for summers! 🙂
There was no such glow or anything ( it doesn’t claim either, so no complaints) but it did leave my face clean. Though I already have dry skin, it didn’t make my skin dry afterwards. Yaay!! But I somehow feel that this would suit the oily skinned beauties more!
And my sissy says that with regular usage it does help in preventing further pimples and dries out pimples if you have any!

So All in All, a very good face pack which is easily available and cheap and the quantity you get last a loooooong time!!

Rating: 4/5

Would I recommend or re-purchase:
I will definitely recommend to everyone who has oily- pimple prone skin! I would like to try out other variants, Orange one is my next!!

Ciao, Stay beautiful~

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