Ayurvedic Shower to Shower Prickly Heat Powder-Cologne Cool

Ayurvedic Shower to Shower Prickly Heat Powder-Cologne Cool

Today, I am reviewing one of the most common things which we use in our day to day life but never consider them important. I would be reviewing “Ayurvedic Shower to Shower Prickly Heat Powder-Cologne Cool”. We all have childhood memories associated with Johnson’s Baby Talcum powder. Then this bonding shifted to Nycil and Shower to Shower as we were very much prone to rashes caused due to heat. Sometime back, I had severe rashes on my back and they were up to such extent that I was unable to sleep backside down at times. Nothing was helping. Then I was reminded of my childhood friend and bought it without wasting much time. It provided me the much needed relief, obviously not immediately. Second instance, on my recent trip to Goa I had severe foot rashes and this was the only thing that came in handy and trust me, it solved my problem. Since then, I always keep one pack of this with me wherever I go. Please read on further to know more about this powder.

shower to shower prickly heat powder cologne cool

What the company claims about the product:

To be very frank, nothing is given on the pack about this product.

The only thing mentioned there is:

A proprietary Ayurvedic Medicine. Do not apply on cuts and wounds. Not recommended for infants. FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY.


Salicylic Acid (R.T.S.S.P. -1): 1.5% w/w, Jasad Bhasma A.S.S., R.T.: 10% w/w, Tankanamla R.T.:5% w/w, Starch and its derivatives: q.s., Perfume: q.s., Dugdhapashana R.T.: 57.9% w/w
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The talcum powder comes in a mint green oval shaped bottle with a turn on cap with holes to dispense the powder.

Texture and fragrance of the Talcum Powder:

It is white colored like other talc available in the market with a mild fragrance of cologne. The texture is a bit on the grainy side. I mean to say that it’s not as smooth as talc from other brands.

Shelf Life:

2 years


Rs.58 for 150gms
shower to shower prickly heat powder

My experience with Ayurvedic Shower to Shower Prickly Heat Powder-Cologne Cool:

I have been using this for many reasons now.
• Whenever I have to shave or wax I use this afterwards and find it far more efficient than toners and coolers in controlling rashes and irritation caused later.
• I sprinkle some powder on my feet especially on heels and toes before wearing any covered footwear like ballerina and sneakers. By doing this, I prevent my feet from any infections caused by the sweat formed by covered feet for a long time and hence control the foot odor too.
• I use it as a dry shampoo and thus prevent my scalp from many harmful infections caused by normal talcum powders.
• I use it when I have any skin rashes or irritations due to prickly heat.
• At times when I don’t feel like using roll on or deodorant for my underarms, specially before going to sleep I just sprinkle some on my body and I am ready for that cozy sleep with a mild lingering fragrance.

Pros of Ayurvedic Shower to Shower Prickly Heat Powder-Cologne Cool:

• It provides instant relief from any burning, tingling sensation.
• Very-Very effective for prickly heat.
• Can be used for many purposes.
• Easily available at any medicine shop or general store.
• No-fuss packaging.
• Inexpensive.
• One more variant named as original in off white colored packaging is available.

Cons of Ayurvedic Shower to Shower Prickly Heat Powder-Cologne Cool:

As per my experience I could not find any negative side of this talc.

Finally, I would recommend this to all the people here as it can be used a multipurpose product without any side effects.

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  1. Hi Pallavi.. me too using this (green one) and nycil (standard blue one) on an alternate basis.. somehow the new prickly heat powders donot attract me that much.. Nice review!

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