Azzaro Duo For Women Review

Azzaro Duo For Women

Hello people! 😀

I have a bit of a perfume fetish. I haul perfumes like crazy. 😀 So today I’ll be reviewing one of those that I bought a loooong while ago, and just sprayed out the last bits a few days ago. 🙂

azzaro duo

Product Description:

Azzaro introduces a new story between a man and a woman early in 2011; a story that tells about their intense passion, their encounter and their merging. This story about rare and precious, strong and permanent love is expressed through the new set of perfumes Azzaro Duo – Azzaro Duo Women and Azzaro Duo Men. Azzaro Duo celebrates the chemistry between two people and the union which they represent, promoted with the “Love is precious” slogan.

Azzaro Duo Women presents a unique fusion of two scented bubbles: sparkling and intense. Sparkling scented rush includes notes of grapefruit, passion flower and red delicious apples, united with intense aromas of sensual vanilla orchid, musk and patchouli.

The bottles – color of yellow gold for her and white gold for him – symbolize the magic and chemistry between two people, since they fit perfectly. Elongated, curved and twisted, they are intertwined in a sensual kiss.

azzaro duo
Available as 30 and 50 ml EDT.

• Top Notes- Grape Fruit and Apple
• Middle Notes- Passion Flower and Orchid
• Base Notes- Patchouli, Orchid, Atlas Cider, Vanilla, Musk

Price: Rs. 3000 for 50ml

My Experience: The most eye-catching feature of this perfume is its uniquely shaped bottle. Quite intriguing. I love displaying it on my dresser. 🙂 The bottle has a beautiful luxurious gold finish, and fits securely in the hand. Easy to carry around in the purse, too. 🙂

If you guys have smelled Nina Ricci’s Ricci Ricci, this is quite similar to that, only less edgy, and milder. Its a very fruity and sweet perfume. It has a very zesty, and intense opening. Very citrusy. It has a bit of a gourmand smell in the middle, very fruity and aromatic. The dry down is has an intense patchouli and lavender smell, fading off a little bitter sweeter and fruiter. However, please don’t confuse this for a tween or a teen perfume. Its complex and sophisticated enough for any age. 🙂

Excellent Projection, good longetivity, and very very bold. You get about 4 sprays of this and you’ll be smelling pretty strong and for quite some time.

Definitely one for gourmand and citrus lovers. 🙂

azzaro duo

• Excellent Projection
• Good longetivity
• Sweet and citrusy smell
• Travel friendly

• The gold paint on the bottle keeps chipping! :X


Rating: 4/5

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  1. wow i have started to imagine the smell after reading the key notes.. i always love the way Azzaro designs its unique… will sniff it once m done with my perfumes 🙂

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