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Launched by the design house of Azzaro in 2007, it’s quite an old perfume. Though I had my eyes on it for some time, somehow I wasn’t completely sure, so never bought it. Last week I went to the mall to pick up a perfume for my husband as his promotion gift, I passed by a perfume section and this was on sale. Not too expensive after discount and so I thought why not gift myself too.

 Azzaro Now Women

Product Description:

Azzaro Now Women is created for the daring and adventurous modern women. It helps you reveal the feminist hidden in you and also offers a sensuous aroma that can catch the attention of anyone around you. This fragrance for women is available in a stylish curvy bottle that sports a pale pink finish, which makes it all the more appealing. In addition, the stopper of this fragrance enhances it’s beauty with futuristic lines.

Top Notes:
With Passion fruits, White tea, and Bergamot as top notes, this Azzaro Now Women delivers intense and neutral aroma to make you feel sensual and fresh.

Middle Notes:
The heart of this fragrance is composed of Aldehydes, Tahitian Tiare Flower, and Jasmine that offers a floral aroma to refresh yourself after a long tiring day.

Base Notes:
The base is made of Amber, Rosewood, Rum, Light wood, and Musk that keeps you spirited all day long.


2900/-, after discount 1550 for 80 ml.

 Azzaro Now Women

My Experience with Azzaro Now Women Perfume:

As soon as you spray, it opens up to be very conventional. Like an ordinary perfume. Initially I used it in the evenings and nights. Within a few seconds I could smell Passion fruits with Bergamot note coming in seconds. I could not detect any Amber or Rum notes. So, I thought of Azzaro now to be a refreshing sharp floral scent. And then one day I used it in the morning and was out mostly in the sun.

 Azzaro Now Women

This fragrance is a tricky one because the smell depends on the weather and temperature. It smelled very very different during the day. As usual it opened up to be sharp and vivid (which I don’t like), but later on turned into a sexy, fresh, creamy potion, which was quite unique. I could smell the Tiare, the Rum, Passion fruits, the Amber and the tea.

 Azzaro Now Women

In both the cases the dry down is pleasant, which is why I bought it. But women with very sensitive noses would find it very overpowering and would get a headache. This is a good daytime fragrance mainly for hot weather. Overall I like the innovative approach because it combines freshness with floral, warmer notes. A truly new and different bottle, designed for the hand, combining beauty and practicality. An emblematic design.

 Azzaro Now Women

Pros of Azzaro Now Women Perfume:

  • Unique blend of freshness and floral notes.
  • Practically designed bottle.
  • Staying power about 5 hours.
  • Very well priced.

Cons of Azzaro Now Women Perfume:

  • Opens up very strong and I don’t like that if sprayed a little extra it gives me an instant headache.
  • Not an anytime perfume, I use it only during day time as the floral notes are a little too strong for the evening.

Would I recommend Azzaro Now Women Perfume?

Very well priced for the product they offer. So for the price, yes I do recommend

Would I repurchase Azzaro Now Women Perfume?

I hardly repurchase perfumes except for my all-time favourites and this is not on that list.

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