B & D Eyebrow Cake Three-color Palette Review

B & D Eyebrow Cake Three-color Palette

Shape and color match perfect brows! Easy to use color match shades come in a convenient to carry compact. Eyebrow shading powders are specially formulated for long day wear.

I got this recently on a trip to Mumbai and I was intrigued by how they have three colors, I mean so much fun to mix them and use or may be get your exact match, 😛 but I am happy with my purchase and this tiny brush in it is useful too, only thing missing is the mirror.



The pricing I initially thought is too much with 550 for three of these powder cakes and a brush, the packaging is super duper boring and plasticky and there is no wax in it too, so all you have is powder to adhere to your brows, but the cakes in there are pretty good,honestly.


The colors are not a match, black is too black, brown too brown and you know how it goes, the colors when applied look good as compared to in the palette, the colors are not harsh, they are soft colors for the brows and I must say I am impressed with minimal fall out which used to be my major concern while filling the brows, the powder is tight and it does not blow in the air is not chalky or harsh or you dont end up picking too much it is just right and works fine for me.

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They have a brush in it which is perfect, I mean the size and the slant tip and the bristles and the way it picks up powder, everything is perfect and thought of, one of the rare brushes in the palette that I will not throw away. So there you go, powder works great and the brush too.

The palette is sturdy and click locks, I dropped it once so far and nothing happened.The cakes and not that soft and powder might be the main reason. It works great for me when Ilighten the color to a brown for my brows, and this mix match is the idea, if you have some one else use it, like my mum has very light brows,I would use lesser black, so hence this palette is versatile.


Overall I think the mirror is missing and the wax too, and the price is not as per the packaging but the product is pretty good for filling in the brows.

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7 thoughts on “B & D Eyebrow Cake Three-color Palette Review

  1. This looks like a very versatile palette *oye balle* , and agree their products are great but the packaging is pretty okay *haan ji*

  2. oooo dis is nice *jalwa* for me eyebrow filling products are of no use…sigh..iv got such bushy ones…if needed i fill it with a matte dark brown eyeshadow *haan ji*

  3. They seem to be selling good stuff *woot* *woot* however i have never ever used anything for my eyebrows *hihi* *hihi* i don’t know once i did and looked weird… may be i don’t know the correct technique *hihi*

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