BaByliss D362E Expert Plus 2300 Hair Dryer Review

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Who doesn’t love hair dryers for a quick dry when you are rushing? With several models available in the market, and after a lot of research, I picked up a hair dryer from Babyliss. Today’s review is about Babyliss D362E Expert Plus 2300 Hair Dryer, which I purchased as a part of the IMBB Sponsored Scheme. Read on to know more.


Price: €29.90
The compact and stylish Expert hair dryer 2300 dries your hair quickly and easily. Your hair regains its natural shine.
This hair dryer is equipped with cool shot and turbo function. You can choose to use an additional nozzle or diffuser for perfect styling! This dryer has a drying rate of up to 85 km per hour.
Product Features:
⦁ Powerful hairdryer
⦁ Dry Speed: 85 km / hour
⦁ 6 speeds / temperatures
⦁ Cool shot to fix the hairstyle
⦁ Turbo function: quick drying hair
⦁ Nozzle: ideal for drying and styling
⦁ Diffuser: suitable for creating bouncy curls
⦁ Removable filter
⦁ Hanging Ring
⦁ Suitable for all hair types, even for coloured hair


My Experience with BaByliss D362E Expert Plus 2300 Hair Dryer:

I always prefer air drying my hair over using blow dryers. The heat damages hair and does more bad than good. Thus, I stay away from heat products as much as possible. However, as life get busier we opt for easier ways. Luckily, we have better products in the market now that cause less/no damage to hair. While researching, I came across this product and picked it up. The hair dryer comes in a sealed box and has a 3-year warranty. There are compartments inside the box which hold the hair dryer, the extra accessories and lot of instruction booklets. The hair dryer is very dark purple, which almost looks shiny black. It is pretty big and has a cord for electric supply. You cannot fold the handle. The removable filter is present in the back and has the fan behind. The filter can be removed and cleaned when needed. The hair dryer is stylish and looks classy even though it is bulky. The control buttons are all present on the handle.


The hair dryer has 2-speed settings that can be seen on the left-hand side. The 3 slide options on the right provide the temperatures. I means cool and there is lukewarm air that comes out from the nozzle. This option can be used for drying hair normally. II increases the temperature of the air blown. It is warm and can be used for adding bounce to your hair. III is the last temperature setting and it is hot air. It can be used to set the style you create. On the leaflet, it is recommended that you use 1st or the 2nd option temperatures and not the 3rd one often. Along with these options, you have 2 options on the front of the handle. Turbo fix is an immediate fix. It blows rapid air and the process is faster. The fix is a cold shot hair and can be used for the final fix. The accessories, i.e. the nozzle, the diffuser and the filter, are perfect options for creating curls.


When connected to the power supply, the dryer makes a lot of noise. When you increase the speed, it really makes heavy noise and the air is blown at a very high speed. The performance is claimed to be that of 2300 W but the power consumption is only 1700 W. The dryer is a perfect choice if you want to eliminate the frizz. I do not know if it has ions or not, but I have seen that it doesn’t cause any damage to the hair. The hair dryer also adds a natural shine. A dryer is a perfect option for creating volume. I have wavy fine hair and using the hair dryer keeps my natural hair texture intact while adding volume. I have been using it for around 2 weeks now and I haven’t had any issues with the dryer. There is also a hanging ring if you want to hang it in your bathroom. The hair dryer is very powerful. Within a little time period I can manage my hair and dry it without any issues. Overall, I absolutely love the product. It is big but I do not have any issues.


So, summing up:

Pros of BaByliss D362E Expert Plus 2300 Hair Dryer:

⦁ 3 speeds and 3 different temperatures.
⦁ Doesn’t make the hair frizzy.
⦁ Adds bounce to the hair.
⦁ Dries hair fast.
⦁ The nozzle head helps with concentrated hair drying.
⦁ The diffuser can be used for creating natural curls.
⦁ 3 years warranty.
⦁ Easily available.
⦁ Sleek and classy look.

Cons of Babyliss D362E Expert Plus 2300 Hair Dryer:

⦁ Non travel-friendly.
⦁ Makes a lot of noise.

IMBB Rating: 4.5/5
Would I Recommend BaByliss D362E Expert Plus 2300 Hair Dryer?

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