BaByliss Paris iPro 230 iCurl – ST270E Review

Straight & Curl with Professional finish… in just 1 Stroke!

BaByliss Paris iPro 230 iCurl - ST270E (4)

Technical details:
• EXCLUSIVE iCurl system : straight & curl easily with both sides
• i-Temperature Technology : ceramic heaters
– Immediate heat-up
– High straightening efficiency
– Protection: ultra-fast heat recovery for constant high heat
– Temperature control : 2 positions 180°C + TURBO touch 230°C
• Professional plates: 85 x 25mm
• Ceramic intense : Titanium Ceramic coating
– Softness & protection
– Very long-lasting (high density)
• Lock mecanism
• Swivel cord
• On/off switch
• Black heat resistant mat

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Tips for using the straightener/curler from BaByliss site:
With the BaByliss straighteners/curlers you can change your hair style to suit your wishes for perfectly straightened or magnificently curled hair.

Step 1
Select the ideal temperature for your hair type and/or the desired hair style.
For straightening, BaByliss recommends:
fine, bleached, damaged or dry hair: 130°C – 160°C
normal, coloured and/or wavy hair: 160°C – 200°C
thick and difficult to style hair: 200°C – 230°C
For curling, BaByliss recommends:
soft curls: 160°C – 200°C
tight curls: 200°C -230°C

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Step 2
Separate your hair into several sections and pin to the top of your head with a clip. Take up one section.
Step 3
Begin straightening the section by sliding the straightener from the roots to the tips.
Step 4
When you are halfway down the length of the section, roll the remainder of the section around the straightener and then continue by rolling the straightener towards the roots.

Professional tips:
If you would like to curl the ends of your hair, roll the section around the wand just once. For curls all along the length of your hair, roll the section around the wand several times returning to the roots.
For lasting hold, spray the section with a light hairspray before working with the straightener/curler.

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I have had this for like so long now, phew, I have rigidly tested it out for six months or so. Now, I wanted something to curl loosely and to straighten as well, so that it gets travel-friendly. But this turns out to be a fail for me in terms of curls. You could get beachy waves and still do something different with your hair but it cannot substitute a curling rod. This is officially my 5th flat iron!

BaByliss Paris iPro 230 iCurl - ST270E (6) BaByliss Paris iPro 230 iCurl - ST270E (7)

The iron is slim and locks into place. The best part I like about this is that it comes with a heat resistant mat. I can keep it anywhere at all, even in hotels, without having to worry about burning the carpet. The mat also can be used to cool down the iron and roll it up in this and use the Velcro to secure it and toss it in the bag again.

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The iron has only two settings, the curls or the fine hair setting, another is a major 230 degrees setting, the middle one means off mode. I use it on 230, I have thick wavy hair and they are now half semi-straight from my previous rebonding session last year. The upper new hair are all thick and wavy which is why I need to use this before I step out. Now I honestly feel this is a thin iron and it is more apt for finer and shorter hair. For very thick and curly or wavy hair, this is not the best. For thicker hair, you will need very small sections to iron out or you would need to go over and over again on the same section, which is hell for your hair. The iron heats up very fast I must say.

BaByliss Paris iPro 230 iCurl - ST270E (3) BaByliss Paris iPro 230 iCurl - ST270E (2)

You definitely need a heat protector with this too and also the curling mode, is too gentle for my thick hair. I suggest this for fine hair only. Curling was a fail for me, it did happen but like loose waves and did not stay for long, I know it needs lot of practice but again, more apt for fine hair, and need to lock the curl with a spray. One very important thing about this iron I would like to mention is that it gets hot all round, for the curling effect, so try to hold the tip only. And when you get close the forehead and skin, be very careful, the outer body has touched my forehead and burnt me twice. So best not to get too close to the roots, with this kind of rounded heat iron.

BaByliss Paris iPro 230 iCurl - ST270E (2)

On days I did not condition or prep my hair, this iron did nothing to add shine or to smooth out hair. On bad hair days, it did nothing to reduce the volume of my hair ( I don’t like the volume of my hair, and they grow too fast too) The straightening stayed put for a day, as sleep too disrupts the straight hair effect. For two days, you could carry that straight hair look, on the third day, if you wish for a fresh non-greasy hair look, you need to do it again, though hair would be relatively straight after using this iron, for three days or so.

babyliss pro curl demo

Of course, again, do not use on wet hair, use small sections, use a heat protector and also try to go over one section only once. If you have fine hair and hair that do not take too long to straighten up, try this iron. If you have thick, curly, wavy rough hair, invest in a wider flat iron. If you are looking or proper curls look and not just beachy curls or waves, this is not for you either. Of course adding a hair spray and devoting time would help 😛

IMBB rating:
3.5/5.It is a good flat iron but not the ultimate on for me.

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6 thoughts on “BaByliss Paris iPro 230 iCurl – ST270E Review

  1. I have attempted curling my hair with a flat iron many times, but with no success. This one looked promising but sad that it does not add much shine too. I also have thick hair, and always ask my stylist to reduce volume. Also, I hate any hot tool instantly if its outer body gets heated up too.

  2. Neha, I love the streaks in your hair, which shade did you use, I am so crazy about this hair texture and color 🙂 Also, my philips straightener gives the same effect, it’s hard to get tight curls out of straightening irons, but still good, nevertheless 🙂

  3. streaks na almost a year old jomol this would be some kind of light blonde streaks from wella! I got them globally done alone with hair straightening but it ruined my hair! :'(

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