Babyliss Pro Rapido BAB7000IE Hairdryer Review

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Today’s review is about Babyliss BAB7000IE Hairdryer which is sponsored by IMBB.

Babyliss Pro Rapido BAB7000IE Hairdryer

Product Description:
Electronics Drlven Motors
> Faster revolutions than a traditional motor
> Greater compactness and reduced weight
> 5,000 hours lifespan
> No carbon brush
– Significantly improved energy yield
– No carbon residue emission: no air pollution

12 speed and temperature settings – Cool air button
True ion generator emits millions of negative ions to
eliminate frizz and seal the hair cuticles for shiny, healthylooking

Perfectly shaped grip along the axis of the centre of gravity
>guarantee of a balanced and comfortable hold without tension in the forearm
2.80 m tangle-free power cord

Accessories :
The BAB7000IE creates healthy-looking hair!
Silencer included
> Less noise pollution
Diffuser included
3 concentrator nozzles:
> 4 x 70 mm ultra-thin nozzle for optimal, controlled air pressure and even
more efficiency. (+ photo)
> 6 x 60 mm straight, narrow nozzle that is perfect for straightening because it
lets you achieve the required tension on the hair.
> 6 x 75 mm beveled, large nozzle for smoother blow-drying; it is slightly
diagonal in shape, hugging the shape of the brush perfectly.

Babyliss Pro Rapido BAB7000IE Hairdryer Details

The BAB7000IE takes up the challenge to combine power, efficiency
and hair care!
Ultra lightweight
Power and care booster (turbo function)
6.10 g/min
Ultra fast drying = time and energy savings
+ 25% faster
Motor speed 22 500 rpm
+ 70% air pressure
Long-lasting results guaranteed
1750 Pa
+ 30% air speed
194 km/h
91 m3/h air flow (without nozzle)
+ 33% flow precision


My experience with Babyliss Pro Rapido BAB7000IE Hairdryer:

I got this product as it has been boasted about being extremely lightweight. I planned to give it to my mom who has arthritis and cannot handle heavy ones. The product comes in a cardboard packaging with all details written on the box and also a detailed manual inside the packaging.

Babyliss Pro Rapido BAB7000IE Hairdryer Packaging

The hair dryer is black in color with a Ferrari picture. It looks like any other hair dryer and nothing special. The size of it is somewhere in between normal dryers and travel size.

Babyliss Pro Rapido BAB7000IE Hairdryer Dryer

The hair dryer weighs only 400 grams which is quite light when compared to other hair dryers. I would say that travel size ones are much lighter, but the problem is with the motor. Especially, if you use it for a longer time, then the motor is affected. So, the motor plays an important role in deciding the right dryer for hair.
This dryer has a motor designed by Ferrari and I trust the motor completely. It’s a big selling point for the product especially for me. The motor is definitely powerful and also stable. I do not see any overheating or burnt smell emerging after long usage.

Babyliss Pro Rapido BAB7000IE Hairdryer Unpacking

The shape of the dryer is also ergonomically designed which makes it easy to hold and twist and turn. Since it is light and also shaped well, one can hold it comfortably for longer periods, especially during styling. The cable is close to 3 meters which is good enough.

Babyliss Pro Rapido BAB7000IE Hairdryer Design

There are totally 12 temperature settings and speeds to choose from. But I personally think, it’s too much to choose from and I either use medium or high depending on the amount of time I have to spend drying my hair.
The dryer works fast and does not need lot of time to dry my shoulder length hair. But, it also depends on the temperature setting one chooses. The switches to choose are not very fashionable or very light to switch.

Babyliss Pro Rapido BAB7000IE Hairdryer Nozzle

There is also something called ion generator integrated in the dryer which creates negative ions to close the scales in hair. I could see that the hair looked shiny and smooth after usage and also less frizzy.

For those who hate the dryer sound or if you do not want others to be disturbed with the sound, then there is also a silencer which reduces the noise. I think the noise is still there after using the silencer, but much reduced.
There are also 3 different nozzles with different sizes. 60mm, 70mm and 75mm. Once can choose as per need.

Babyliss Pro Rapido BAB7000IE Hairdryer Nozzles

For all curly hair people, it also has a diffuser which helps to reduce frizz.

Babyliss Pro Rapido BAB7000IE Hairdryer Diffuser

Overall, it’s a good dryer, but I think it is little expensive. I guess we are paying for the Ferrari motor. I wish it was also styled by Ferrari 😉

Pros of Babyliss Pro Rapido BAB7000IE Hairdryer:

  • Lightweight.
  • 3 meters long cable.
  • Ergonomically shaped.
  • 12 different temperature and speed settings.
  • Does not make hair frizzy.
  • 3 different nozzles to choose from.
  • Powerful Motor designed by Ferrari.
  • Not so loud.
  • Includes a diffuser.

Cons of Babyliss Pro Rapido BAB7000IE Hairdryer:

  • Styling could have been better.
  • Little expensive.

IMBB Rating: 4.5/5
Do I Recommend Babyliss Pro Rapido BAB7000IE Hairdryer?
If you are considering a lightweight hair dryer, then this is a good choice.

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