BaByliss Retra-Cord 2000 Hair Dryer Review

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Even though you cringe about the heat, hair dryers can be very handy, especially when you are in a rush. I recently picked up BaByliss Retra-Cord 2000 Hair Dryer. Read on to know more about it.

BaByliss Retra Cord 2000 Hair Dryer Review

$38.16 (available for 5500 INR in India)

BaByliss Retra Cord 2000 Hair Dryer Review Dryer

Product Description:
This hair dryer is easy to store and take with the retractable cord. With one simple push of a button, the cord disappears into the handle of the hair dryer. With the diffuser you create perfect styling and volume. This hair dryer is suitable for all hair types and can be taken anywhere.

BaByliss Retra Cord 2000 Hair Dryer Review Product Details

My Experience with BaByliss Retra-Cord 2000 Hair Dryer:

The product comes in a box unsealed. There is some information on the box and once you open the box, there is the dryer, diffuser, concentrator and a 3 year warranty card along with the instructions leaflet. For the price, I am really happy with the warranty it provides. The hair dryer is jet black in color with red highlights on them. The cord and the red marking match with each other. The diffuser and the concentrator are greyish black in color. There is a button on the dryer for pulling in the cord and one near the neck for cold air and in the back of the handle there are speed and heat controls. The hair dryer looks a bit bigger comparatively to the ones I have used. The gauze for the filter can be removed from the fan behind. Thus, you can clean it if needed. The hair dryer is classy and since it has no long tail cords running behind, I can easily place it in my drawers without worrying that the wires of all the products would tangle with each other. The design is easy to hold, but I feel it is a little heavy during the initial times which you will get used to it eventually.

BaByliss Retra Cord 2000 Hair Dryer Review Packaging

BaByliss Retra Cord 2000 Hair Dryer Review Nozzle

One of the main reasons for me to pick up this one is the option for retra-cord. The cord is pretty long and eases the use. The cord is red in color and can be pulled out from the hand of the dryer. Once you are done, you can press the retra-cord button and it sucks in the cord back to the handle. You need to make sure that you keep holding the button and the cord is straight for smoother process. When you pull the cord, it does make a weird sound but it is not that bad.

BaByliss Retra Cord 2000 Hair Dryer Review Cord Button

BaByliss Retra Cord 2000 Hair Dryer Review Cold Air Button

The hair dryer has 2 speed settings and 3 heat settings on the handle. The buttons work with a slide. The first speed setting is a little lower and blows the hair at a lighter pace. This can probably be used when you do not have super wet hair and you just want it to be dried and not for styling. This setting doesn’t make much noise. The second setting has a huge gush of wind; it feels like a car that goes from 0 to 100km! The force is really high and it does make a lot of noise. I usually use this setting when I have very little time and need a quick dry to my hair. It dries the hair within minutes.

BaByliss Retra Cord 2000 Hair Dryer Review Buttons

BaByliss Retra Cord 2000 Hair Dryer Review Speed and Heat Buttons

The 3 heat options also work on the slide buttons. There is numbers written in roman, but these will eventually fade away. The first option is cold-luke warm; there is a little heat generated but it is hardly felt. I usually use this setting as I am bit scared about the heat that damages my hair. The second option is warm-mild hot. You can feel the warmth of the hot hair. This is the option I use when I need extra bounce to my hair. It can be used to create a fuller hair with a good comb. The third option has very high heat setting. I have never used this on my hair. The heat is really strong and you can feel that burning sensation on the skin. I would never want this heat on my hair and if I ever have to use it, I would use a very good heat protector before proceeding. There is also a phrase in the leaflet that they recommend to use the 1 and 2 heat settings and not the 3rd one often. Probably this one can be used when you need to set your hair with styles. For now, I haven’t had the need to use this!

BaByliss Retra Cord 2000 Hair Dryer Review Button Numbers

There is a frost button on the front of the handle. This is cold air that gushes though the dryer. I use this most frequent, as it would cause the minimum damage to my hair. This can also be used for a final fix. The accessories provided are also of good quality and can be used to create perfect natural curls or straightening. The product does eliminate the frizz and adds some shine to the hair. I haven’t noticed any damage caused to the hair from the time I have been using this dryer. The dryer does its job effectively without any issues. Overall, I have no complaints about the product.

BaByliss Retra Cord 2000 Hair Dryer Review Diffuser

Pros of BaByliss Retra-Cord 2000 Hair Dryer:

2 speeds and 3 heat settings.
Doesn’t cause any frizz in the hair.
Dries hair faster.
Can be used to create volume in the hair.
Retra-cord system makes no tangles and mess.
The diffuser can be used to create natural curls.
Can be used to style the hair.
Universally available.
3 year warranty
Classy design.

Cons of BaByliss Retra-Cord 2000 Hair Dryer:

Bulky for travel.
The 3rd heat temperature diffuse a lot of heat that feels like burning.
Comparatively expensive.

IMBB Rating: 4/5
Would I Recommend or Repurchase BaByliss Retra-Cord 2000 Hair Dryer?
Yes to recommendation, but I wouldn’t repurchase the product again as this will go on for a long time.

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